Biden’s Arrival in Israel Amid Conflict: New Sanctions on Hamas, Gaza City Hospital Attack, 500 Dead

On the 13th day of the Israel-Hamas conflict, U.S. President has arrived in Israel. The meeting is taking place on the same day when 500 people lost their lives in an attack on a hospital in Gaza. During this time, Biden aims to demonstrate unity between the U.S. and Israel amid the ongoing conflict.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will welcome him at Ben Gurion Airport. According to Al Jazeera, it will be difficult for them to make a unilateral decision regarding a ceasefire in Gaza, where over 3,000 people have lost their lives. According to U.S. officials, they can announce new sanctions against senior Hamas leaders.

Israel and Hamas witnessed the largest onslaught in their ongoing conflict on Tuesday night. In Gaza City, Al-Aqsa Hospital was hit by rocket attacks, resulting in the reported death of 500 people. While Hamas claimed that Israel was responsible for the attack, Israel insisted there was no intention to target the hospital. Israel released a video stating that Palestinian militants launched rockets near the hospital, causing the rocket to veer off course and hit the hospital. Accusations and counter-accusations continue, adding to the escalating tensions.

Key Developments:

  • Since the start of the conflict, 304 Israeli soldiers have been killed.
  • U.S. President Joe Biden and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi canceled their scheduled summit in Jordan after the hospital attack.
  • UN Chief Antonio Guterres traveled to the Middle East to engage in direct talks with leaders from all involved countries in an attempt to halt the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • Israeli military chief Aviv Kochavi has issued a warning to Hezbollah, stating that if Hamas makes a mistake and launches further attacks, there will be “only destruction, destruction, and more destruction.”
  • 286 Indians and 18 Nepalese citizens were safely evacuated from Israel and arrived in Delhi on Tuesday night. They were welcomed by Union Minister El Murugan.
  • In the Gaza Strip, many are struggling to survive. People are without homes and have taken refuge in shelters. Clean water is in short supply, and many are suffering from a lack of food and supplies.
  • France has reported its first casualties from the Hamas rocket attacks, with 21 French citizens confirmed dead and 11 missing, most of whom are believed to be held by Hamas.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to meet with Israeli leaders very soon, making serious efforts to release captives.
  • The Palestinian Ministry of Health has appealed to the general public, asking for diesel donations to operate generators in hospitals, emphasizing that this could be crucial to saving lives.

The situation remains extremely tense and continues to escalate, causing widespread concern and international efforts to broker a ceasefire.

Another Hamas Commander Killed

The Israeli military has stated that they have killed Hamas commander Ayman Nofal. Hamas itself has also confirmed Nofal’s death. Nofal had been involved in multiple attacks on Israeli forces and civilians. In 2006, he was involved in the abduction of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Nofal was known for his expertise in explosives.

Pregnant Women at Risk in Gaza

According to ‘The New York Times’, there are currently around 5,000 pregnant women in Gaza who are in danger. Hospitals and clinics lack essential medicines and even electricity, with some damaged due to bombings. The UN has expressed support for this situation. According to the global charity agency ‘Save the Children,’ nearly 1,000 Palestinian children have been killed in the conflict so far, and the situation could deteriorate further.

Meeting with World Leaders

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrived in Israel on Tuesday night to offer assistance. He met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog. Scholz also met with German families who have relatives in Hamas’ control.

Humanitarian Efforts in Gaza

As per ‘Gulf News,’ people in Gaza are struggling to survive. Many have no shelter and are spending their nights in shelters. Water supplies are almost cut off, and they lack money. Meanwhile, Israeli preparations and Iran’s threat suggest that the U.S. can provide technical and medical support for the Israeli military. U.S. Army Chief of Staff Michael Erik Kurilla has also arrived in Israel. On the other hand, Iran has issued a strong warning to Israel and the countries providing it with technical support.

Iran’s Supreme Leader’s Warning

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei warned on Tuesday that if Israel does not stop its attacks on Gaza, it will not be able to stop Muslim nations worldwide.

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