Israeli Soldiers Accused of Organ Harvesting from Palestinian Bodies: Allegations of Cruelty Spark Controversy

The Chief Lieutenant General of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Herzi Halevi, has announced that the conflict against Hamas in Gaza will continue for several more months. During this period, Israeli soldiers are accused of looting organs from the bodies of Palestinians killed in Gaza, including kidneys, livers, and hearts.

Human Rights Monitor Alleges Organ Theft by IDF in Gaza

According to a report by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, the IDF allegedly stole organs from the bodies of Palestinians in Gaza, keeping them at -40 degrees Celsius to preserve the organs for potential use.

Allegations of Organ Theft Lead to Medical Experiments

Human Rights Monitor claims that Israel has passed a law allowing the IDF to harvest organs from Palestinians killed and use them for medical experiments in Israeli medical schools. These experiments reportedly involve the use of organs and body parts.

IDF Chief Confirms Ongoing Conflict with Hamas

IDF Chief Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi has confirmed that the conflict with Hamas, especially in northern Gaza, is intensifying, and operations will become more aggressive. He stated that they have achieved their targeted goals against Palestinian terrorists, leaving them satisfied.

Halevi Asserts Victories and Targets Hamas Leadership

Halevi stated that they have defeated many Hamas terrorists, including those who sacrificed themselves. Despite hundreds of people being detained, Halevi expressed satisfaction with the progress made against Hamas and the destruction of their infrastructure and weapons.

Challenges in Urban Warfare and Continued Military Operations

Halevi acknowledged the difficulties of urban warfare in densely populated areas where terrorists often blend with civilians. He emphasized the use of various strategies to fight Hamas and expressed concerns that Hamas might attempt an attack similar to the October 7th assault in the near future.

Netanyahu’s Advisor Travels to the United States

Benjamin Netanyahu’s closest advisor, Ron Dermer, left for the United States on Tuesday. It is speculated that they have gone to the U.S. for a specific reason. According to The New York Times, Ron will meet with officials of the Biden administration, particularly those involved in diplomacy and Middle East affairs.

Attempt to Address Differences on Hamas Conflict

A report suggests that Ron will engage in discussions to seek a resolution to all disagreements between the United States and Israel regarding the conflict with Hamas. The issue of governance in Gaza after the war will also be a matter of concern. The U.S. has been consistently pressuring Israel not to escalate the situation in Gaza, and attention must be paid to avoid harm to civilians.

The problem lies in the continuous assertions by the IDF and Netanyahu that the war in Gaza will only cease when Hamas is eliminated. Israel has also stated that after the war, it will keep Gaza under its control. This stance has faced significant opposition in the United States.

UN to Receive Fewer Visas

For the first time amid the conflict, Israel has explicitly stated that it is now going to suspend the automatic visa system for UN employees. There is speculation that this may escalate tensions between Israel and the UN. Human sources reveal that this move by Israel may create a new tension between the two entities.

Israel has stated that it will now grant visas based on a case-by-case basis, meaning visas will be provided according to priority. The genuine reason for the real tension between the two may emerge as the UN persistently demands a continuous ceasefire from Israel. In response, Israel questioned – “On October 7, when 1200 Israeli citizens were under attack, where was the UN?” A response to this query is also anticipated.

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