Joint Operation Nabs Karni Sena Chief’s Killers in Chandigarh: Delhi-Rajasthan Police Success

In a significant development, the president of Rashtriya Rajput Karni Sena, Sukhdev Singh, along with three other individuals allegedly involved in the Gogamedi murder case, were apprehended by the police in Chandigarh last night. The suspects were discovered hiding in a room situated above a liquor establishment in Chandigarh’s Sector 22A.

The primary accused in the murder case were identified as Rohit Rathore and Nitin Fauji, with information about the third accused yet to be disclosed. The joint efforts of law enforcement led to the successful location and arrest of the accused individuals, highlighting the effectiveness of the police operation.

Delhi Crime Branch, in Collaboration with Rajasthan Police, Successfully Apprehends Gogamedi Murder Case Suspects

In a collaborative effort between the Crime Branch of the Delhi Police and the Rajasthan Police, a significant breakthrough has been achieved in the Gogamedi murder case. The joint operation resulted in the successful apprehension of all three accused individuals, who have now been brought to the Delhi Crime Branch office.

Following established legal protocols, the suspects are expected to be formally arrested upon their arrival in Jaipur. This cooperative effort between the Delhi and Rajasthan police highlights the commitment to inter-state coordination and the pursuit of justice in high-profile criminal cases.

In a significant development in the Gogamedi murder case, Jaipur police, on a previous Saturday, successfully apprehended Ramveer, identified as an accomplice who was aiding the shooters. The arrested individual is reportedly associated with Nitin Fauji, one of the primary accused in the case.

The arrest of Ramveer sheds light on the network of individuals involved in the alleged criminal activity, showcasing the thoroughness of the ongoing investigation by law enforcement agencies. His connection to the shooter, a friend of Nitin Fauji, further underscores the complexity of the case and the potential interconnections among the accused.

Rashtriya Rajput Karni Sena Chief Fatally Shot in Brazen Daylight Attack

On December 5, in a shocking incident, the chief of Rashtriya Rajput Karni Sena, Gogamedi, was brutally attacked when two assailants forcibly entered his residence and opened fire in broad daylight. The assailants swiftly fled the scene after committing the crime.

As a result of the attack, Gogamedi was immediately rushed to Metro Mass Hospital, where medical professionals declared him deceased upon arrival. The gravity of the situation was further compounded by the serious injuries sustained by Gogamedi’s guard, Ajit Singh, who was present during the attack.

Tragically, another individual named Naveen Shekhawat lost his life in the firing incident orchestrated by the unidentified assailants. It has been reported that Naveen had accompanied the miscreants to Gogamedi’s residence, leading to a fatal turn of events.

Detailed Account of the Brazen Attack on Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi’s Residence

According to police reports, the residence of Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi is located on Shyam Nagar Janpath. On Tuesday, at approximately 1:03 pm, a distressing incident unfolded when three assailants arrived at his house. Initial investigations reveal a chilling sequence of events.

The miscreants, upon reaching Gogamedi’s residence, engaged in seemingly casual conversation with him while seated on the sofa. Approximately 10 minutes into the interaction, two of the assailants abruptly stood up and opened fire. Gogamedi’s guard valiantly attempted to shield him during the gunfire but was also targeted by the attackers.

Tragically, Gogamedi sustained a gunshot wound to the head as the assailants made their escape. Additionally, Naveen, who accompanied the miscreants to Gogamedi’s house, lost his life in the crossfire.

Following the shooting, the assailants hastily exited the scene, attempting to halt a passing car. In their bid to escape, they brandished a pistol at the driver, prompting the driver to abandon the vehicle. Subsequently, the miscreants targeted a scooter rider approaching from behind, injuring the rider with gunfire. The assailants then fled the scene on the stolen scooter.

The immediate response of law enforcement was pivotal in the aftermath of the incident. Shyam Nagar police promptly arrived at the scene to initiate an investigation into the unprecedented attack. The complex nature of the incident, involving not only a targeted assault but also subsequent attempts at robbery and violence against bystanders, underscores the gravity of the situation.

Jaipur Police Commissioner Provides Updates

Jaipur Police Commissioner Biju George Joseph has provided crucial details regarding the recent attack on Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi’s residence, shedding light on the involvement of Naveen Multai, who tragically lost his life during the incident.

According to Commissioner Joseph, Naveen Multai was a resident of Shahpura and was engaged in a clothing business in Jaipur. Investigations indicate that Naveen entered Gogamedi’s house in the company of the assailants, adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding narrative.

The Jaipur Police Commissioner confirmed that comprehensive CCTV footage capturing both the assailants and the entire incident is available, providing valuable evidence for the ongoing investigation. This technological evidence will likely play a crucial role in identifying and apprehending those responsible for the attack.

Investigation Reveals Miscreants Consumed Alcohol Before Fatal Attack; Key Details Emerge

In a significant development in the investigation of the Gogamedi murder case, it has been disclosed that the assailants involved in the attack had consumed alcohol prior to the fatal incident. The police, in their thorough examination of the crime scene, discovered a Scorpio vehicle (registration number RJ-14 TE-7037) linked to the perpetrators.

The Scorpio, found parked outside Gogamedi’s residence, was laden with bags, liquor bottles, and empty glasses, providing crucial evidence of the miscreants’ premeditated actions. Law enforcement officials, with the assistance of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) team, meticulously collected evidence from the crime scene, including the Scorpio, to further the investigation.

The police took swift action by securing and immobilizing the Scorpio at the crime scene, a pivotal step to preserve and analyze potential forensic evidence. The vehicle, registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Jhala, Jaipur, is reportedly owned by an individual named Pradeep. The authorities are actively working to gather information about Pradeep, the registered owner of the Scorpio, in pursuit of valuable leads in the ongoing investigation.

Vehicle Rental Connection Unveiled in Gogamedi Murder Case; Scorpio Hired for Rs 5,000

In a significant breakthrough, preliminary investigations by the police have unveiled crucial details regarding the Scorpio used in the Gogamedi murder case. It has been revealed that Naveen, one of the individuals involved, had rented the Scorpio from Imran, a car renter in Malviya Nagar, for a sum of Rs 5,000 on November 30.

According to the findings, Naveen was observed alone with the Scorpio until 12:30 pm on December 5. The vehicle made a brief stop of just 2 minutes near Nursery Circle in Vaishali Nagar before proceeding to its final destination—outside the residence of Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi.

The police were able to piece together this crucial timeline and movement details through the GPS system installed in the Scorpio. This revelation sheds light on the planning and execution of the attack, providing law enforcement with a tangible lead to follow in their pursuit of justice.

Guard’s Testimony Unveils Intricacies of Gogamedi Attack; Phone Call and Coordinated Assault Disclosed

In a significant development, details emerging from the police interrogation of Gogamedi’s security guard, Narendra, shed light on the intricate sequence of events leading up to the tragic attack on Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi.

According to Narendra’s account, Naveen Shekhawat visited Gogamedi and facilitated a phone conversation between Gogamedi and an unidentified individual. Subsequently, Gogamedi summoned Naveen inside, accompanied by two assailants. The attackers then initiated a coordinated assault, firing upon both Naveen and Sukhdev Gogamedi, leading to the unfortunate demise of Gogamedi’s acquaintance, Ajith.

Gangster Rohit Godara Claims Responsibility for Gogamedi Murder on Facebook

In a startling development, gangster Rohit Godara has publicly claimed responsibility for the murder of Sukhdev Gogamedi through a post on a Facebook page attributed to him. The post, made under the name Rohit Godara Kapoor, also known as Goldie Brar, explicitly states his acknowledgment of the act and declares his full responsibility for the tragic incident.

The Facebook post reads, “Ram Ram, to all brothers. I am Rohit Godara Kapoor, Goldie Brar. Brothers, Sukhdev Gogamedi was killed today. We take full responsibility for this. We have done this murder.”

The post goes on to provide a purported justification for the act, stating, “Brethren, I want to tell you that he was cooperating with our enemies. As far as enemies are concerned, they should have their beer ready at their doorstep. See you soon too.”

This admission on social media not only adds a layer of complexity to the investigation but also introduces a potential motive and narrative from the self-proclaimed perpetrator. Law enforcement agencies are expected to scrutinize this claim and the accompanying details, seeking to corroborate the information provided by Rohit Godara.

Threats on Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi’s Life: A History of Peril

The recent attack on Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi, resulting in his tragic death, appears to be part of a broader pattern of threats and dangers he had faced in the past. Locals have revealed that Gogamedi had been the recipient of numerous threats, prompting him to formally register his concerns with law enforcement. In response to these persistent threats, private gunmen were employed to accompany Gogamedi’s wife during her visits to a nearby temple for worship, underscoring the seriousness of the perceived risks.

The history of threats against Gogamedi extends back to 2017 when, during the filming of the movie “Padmaavat” in Jaigarh, Rajput Karni Sena members vandalized the set. This incident catapulted Gogamedi into the spotlight, as the film and his association with gangster Anandpal became contentious subjects, leading to protests in Rajasthan following Anandpal’s encounter case.

The combination of Gogamedi’s activism and involvement in controversial events such as the Padmaavat protests and the association with Anandpal had seemingly made him a target for hostility. The recent tragic incident adds another chapter to the ongoing narrative of threats and challenges faced by Gogamedi, prompting a renewed focus on the security concerns he had consistently raised with law enforcement.

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