Justice Served in 4-Year-Old Sexual Assault Case: Accused of Child Molestation in Vadodara Receives 20-Year Sentence, ₹4 Lakh Compensation Order

In Vadodara’s Manjalpur Police Station, a case from 2019 involving charges of child abduction, molestation, and offenses under the Information Technology Act resulted in a 4-year prison sentence for the accused. The court has sentenced the accused to a strict 20-year imprisonment, along with a fine.

The case involved the accused, Tausif Imran Khan, who had allegedly lured a minor girl into a relationship and subsequently committed physical assault and rape against her. The accused had also reportedly shared sensitive personal information about the victim on his Instagram account, which led to threats and intimidation against her. This criminal activity took place on June 22, 2019, and the accused was charged with offenses related to child abduction, molestation, and violations of the Information Technology Act. The court’s verdict included a significant prison term and financial penalties for the accused.

Following the report, charges were filed in the Manjalpur police station, Vadodara, for offenses including abduction, molestation, and sexual assault, along with offenses under the POCSO Act. In this case, an intensive investigation was carried out by the police, leading to the arrest of the accused, Tausif Khan Imran Khan Pathan. The investigation included a thorough examination of the accused’s possessions, medical examinations, and the collection of forensic evidence.

During the investigation, the accused, Tausif Khan Imran Khan Pathan, was arrested. He had allegedly used a motorcycle confiscated in the case, and the minor victim’s statement and necessary evidence, including medical examinations and F.I.R. reports, were collected. Subsequently, a charge sheet was filed in the case based on the findings of the investigation. The accused faced significant charges in connection with the case.

In this case, both the prosecution and the defense presented crucial evidence and arguments before the court. The court took into consideration the exhibits and the significant pleas made by both the sides, as well as the government prosecutor’s submissions. During the proceedings, the judge of the POCSO court and the Additional Sessions Court, Priyanka Agrawal, convicted the accused, Tausif Khan Pathan, on charges related to molestation, sexual assault, abduction, and offenses under the POCSO Act. The accused was sentenced to 20 years of rigorous imprisonment and fined Rs. 10,000. Additionally, a compensation of Rs. 4 lakhs was ordered to be paid to the minor victim. If the accused fails to pay the fine, he would have to serve an additional term of more than four months.

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