Devastating Fire in Kuwait Building: 41 Dead, Over 50 Injured, Indian Embassy Issues Emergency Helpline

A massive fire broke out in a building in Mangaf, Kuwait, resulting in the deaths of 41 people, including 10 Indians. Among the victims, five were from Kerala. The incident, which occurred around 6 a.m. Kuwait time also left over 50 people injured, with 30 Indians among them. 

The fire started in the kitchen on the ground floor and quickly spread throughout the building, trapping many residents inside. The cause of the fire is still unknown. Major General Eid Rashid Hamad stated that the building housed many migrant workers.

Devastating Fire in Kuwait Building

Indian Foreign Minister’s Statement on Kuwait Fire Incident

Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar expressed his shock over the tragic fire in Mangaf, Kuwait, which resulted in around 40 deaths. In a social media post, he conveyed his condolences to the families of the victims and mentioned that they are awaiting further details. 

The Indian ambassador in Kuwait is inspecting the incident site.

The Indian ambassador has been dispatched to the site to provide assistance. Jaishankar’s statement emphasized his sympathy for those who lost their loved ones in this disaster.

Indian Embassy Releases Helpline Number Following Kuwait Fire Incident

In response to the tragic fire in Mangaf, Kuwait, the Indian Embassy has issued an emergency helpline number: +965-65505246. This number is available for updates and assistance related to the incident. 

The embassy is committed to providing all possible support. A senior Kuwaiti police commander noted that many migrant workers, including Indians, often share rooms to save money, despite warnings against unauthorized living arrangements in buildings.

Arrest Ordered for Building Owner After Kuwait Fire Incident

Arrest Ordered for Building Owner After Kuwait Fire Incident

Kuwait’s Interior Minister, Sheikh Fahad Al-Yusuf Al-Sabah, has ordered the arrest of the building owner following the deadly fire in Mangaf. The minister cited the greed of real estate owners as a cause for such tragedies, noting that high rents lead to overcrowding. 

According to the Kuwait Times, the building housed over 160 people, many of whom were living illegally, complicating the identification of victims.

Significant Indian Presence in Kuwait

According to the Indian Embassy, Indians make up 21% of Kuwait’s population, with about one million residents. Additionally, 30% of the workforce, around 900,000 people, are Indian. Kuwait, with a population of approximately 4.2 million, is known for having the world’s sixth-largest oil reserves. 

The country has experienced similar incidents in the past, including a notable fire at an oil refinery in 2022 that resulted in significant casualties.

Building Owner Arrested in Kuwait Fire Incident

The building where the fire occurred is owned by KG Abraham, a businessman from Thiruvalla, Kerala, and founder and chairman of the KG Group, which has been part of Kuwait’s key oil and industries sector since 1977. 

Reports from Malayali media Onmanorama indicate that the affected building residents were from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The building is managed by NBTC Group, a construction company. Following the incident, Kuwait’s Interior Minister has ordered the arrest of the building owner.

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