Laborer Trapped as Rides Collapse at Rajkot Lok Mela: Quick Rescue Ensues

Rajkot district administration has organized ‘Rasarang’ Lok Mela on the occasion of Janmashtami festivities at Racecourse Ground. Preparations for this Lok Mela, which will be held from 5 to 9 September, are currently being made. Meanwhile today a tragedy happened. In which a large part of the ride fell on a laborer while unloading the rides from the truck and he got trapped. After which his fellow laborers present there moved the ride’s part and took it out and laid it on the cot. When the laborer was injured, he was not even able to walk. A live video of the incident has also surfaced.

Fortunately, the Normal Injury to the Laborer

can be clearly seen in the video of this accident, as many as 6 laborers are working to unload the rides from the truck. In which the three laborers on top of the truck put the ride part. But the laborers below cannot hold the heavy part of the ride falling on top of one laborer and the laborer gets trapped. Following this incident, the laborers working in the vicinity gather and remove the ride part and take the injured laborer to the cot lying on the side. However, fortunately the laborer was treated on the spot for minor injuries.

As Many as 85 Rides Operators Participated

It may be mentioned that recently there was a controversy over the auctioning of mechanical rides for the colorful Lok Mela. Later, the operators of the rides ran to the collector after the provincial officer warned of confiscation of the deposit. Also a compromise was adopted and auction of 44 mechanical rides was held. In which a total of 85 rides managers participated. Due to which, the operations of arranging various rides have been started by the rides managers.

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