Live-in Relationship Tragedy: Lover Murders Girlfriend, Flees to Bengaluru – Culprits Apprehended

In a distressing incident, the Ankleshwar police discovered a stone-bound body submerged in Kamalam Lake three days ago, revealing that the young girl had met a tragic end approximately 22 to 23 days prior. Subsequent investigation by the police unveiled the existence of a romantic relationship at the heart of this grim occurrence.

The involved parties, a young man and a young woman, had been residing in a live-in relationship for two and a half years. Their connection had its origins in a love relationship formed through social media. Regrettably, due to undisclosed reasons, the young man, along with his brother, committed the gruesome act of ending the young woman’s life.

Law enforcement agencies acted swiftly to bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice, and they managed to apprehend the culprits within a matter of days. Furthermore, the lover of the deceased girl was also tracked down and apprehended in Bengaluru.

For Two and a Half Years, They Lived Together in a Relationship

Sanjay, who was in a live-in relationship with Mayuri Bhagat for two and a half years, took the unfortunate step of inviting his brother-in-law to their residence. The couple, Sanjay Gangwani and Mayuri Bhagat, had initiated their relationship after connecting through social media. They had been cohabiting as partners in Ankleshwar for the duration of two and a half years.

In the last one and a half months, the couple had been residing in a rented house located in the Gujarat Housing Board’s Surti Bhaghol area. However, during this time, their relationship had been marred by frequent conflicts and disputes.

The young man and woman had been in a live-in relationship for a period of two and a half years. As the saying goes, no matter how meticulously criminals execute a crime, they often leave behind some traces of evidence. Such was the case in the tragic murder of Mayuri Bhagat, who was residing in a live-in relationship in Ankleshwar.

Mayuri Bhagat had been in a live-in relationship with Saurabh Gangwani, who operated a garage in Ankleshwar, for the mentioned duration. Over time, their relationship had become increasingly tense, leading to frequent conflicts between them. Consequently, in an attempt to address the issues, Saurabh’s elder brother, Sanjay Gangwani, summoned both Mayuri and Saurabh for a discussion on October 9, at a house under construction in Pushpakunj Ramnagar.

Mayuri’s Corpse Was Placed in a Bag and Thrown Into the Lake

Tragically, the situation escalated during the conversation, with Mayuri remaining unconvinced. Sanjay, in a horrifying turn of events, resorted to strangling her, while Saurabh held her leg. Although Mayuri initially survived this ordeal, she was subsequently strangled to her demise using a gamacha (a type of cloth). Following this dreadful act, her lifeless body was concealed by being placed in a bag.

In the cover of night, Sanjay, aided by his two accomplices, Golu Tukaram Verekar, who goes by the alias Diva Mann, and Bharathari, also known as Badri, transported Mayuri’s body in the bag on a motorcycle to Kamalam Lake near Ramkund. There, a large stone was attached to the bag, and her remains were discarded into the depths of the lake.

Police arrested 3 accused.

Mayuri’s Lover Was Rushed Out of Bengaluru by the Police

The police swiftly apprehended Mayuri’s partner, who had fled to Bengaluru. Upon receiving crucial information, the Local Crime Branch (LCB) police, in collaboration with the Ankleshwar city A-Division police, undertook a concerted effort to recover the body from Kamalam Lake. Subsequently, the law enforcement authorities apprehended Saurabh’s elder brother, Sanjay Tath, and his two associates, Golu Tukaram and Bharathari Badri, in connection with this heinous crime.

The accused individuals were presented before the court, where the police sought a seven-day remand for further interrogation. However, the court granted a four-day remand. It has come to light that Sanjay had a history of involvement in robberies, while Golu Tukaram Verekar, also known as Man, had previous associations with ATM thefts.

The LCB team has expedited its efforts, not only by capturing Saurabh in Bengaluru but also in the process of bringing him back to Ankleshwar. This comprehensive investigation aims to ensure that justice is served in this distressing case.

As of now, the police have been unable to gather any information regarding the family of the deceased, Mayuri Bhagat, in the murder case that transpired in Ankleshwar. Authorities are putting forth significant efforts to ascertain various details, including the development of the relationship between Mayuri Bhagat and Saurabh, as well as the whereabouts of Mayuri’s family.

In light of the three suspects apprehended in connection with the murder and the fact that Saurabh is currently located in Bengaluru, the Bharuch police team is actively engaged in the process of extraditing him to Bharuch. This ongoing investigation is dedicated to uncovering the full scope of the circumstances surrounding the case.

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