Maharashtra Explosives Company Explodes, 9 Dead, 3 Injured; Building Collapse Linked to Army Weapon Production

A solar explosive incident occurred on Sunday in the Bazaargaon village of Nagpur, Maharashtra, resulting in a building catching fire. Twelve people were trapped in the blast, leading to 9 fatalities and 3 injuries.

Fatalities and Injuries in Blast at Ammunition Plant

Among the deceased, 6 were females, and 3 were males. Nagpur Rural SP Harsh Poddar reported that the blast occurred during the packing time of the blast cast booster plant. The explosion was so intense that it also caused damage to the CBH 2 plot building.

Blast in Factory Manufacturing Arms for the Military

According to police reports, this factory is involved in manufacturing weapons for the military, leading to a substantial quantity of explosive materials present. After the blast, hazardous chemicals were scattered throughout the entire factory, raising the potential for increased casualties.

Explosion While Packaging Explosives

This company, located on Nagpur-Amravati Road in Bazaargaon village, was primarily involved in packaging explosives. The explosion took place during the process of packaging explosive materials. The blast was severe, causing significant injuries to many workers present.

Previous Fire Incident in August

This year, in August, a fire incident had also occurred at this company. At that time, an explosion in the waste storage area resulted in the death of one employee and serious injuries to another. The incident had left a lasting impact, and today’s explosion marks a major tragedy.

Manufacturing Weapons for the Army and Navy

Economic Explosives Limited, operated by Solar Group, is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of arms. Currently, it plays a crucial role in producing various weapons for the Indian Army and Navy. The company is known for exporting weapons to more than thirty countries outside India.

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