Tragic Blaze at Maharashtra Glove Factory Claims 6 Lives; 10-15 Workers were Sleeping

On December 30, Saturday night, a fire broke out in a factory in the MIDC area of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, Maharashtra, where hand gloves were being manufactured. In this incident, six people lost their lives. Efforts to extinguish the fire are underway and are expected to continue until Sunday morning (December 31).

Fire Brigade Officer Describes the Incident

Fire Brigade officer Mohan Mungase stated, “We received information on the phone around 2:15 AM. When we reached the scene, the entire factory was engulfed in flames. Local residents informed us that around six people are trapped inside. We are in the process of retrieving all the bodies.”

Factory Workers Trapped; Immediate Rescue Efforts Initiated

An employee working in the factory reported that when the fire broke out, the factory was closed. There were around 10-15 workers in the factory. Some workers successfully managed to come out after the fire broke out.

Chaotic Scene as Fire Spreads

The atmosphere around the fire quickly became chaotic. The high flames of the fire prompted an immediate call to the fire brigade. The cause of the fire is not yet known at this time.

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