Breaking News: Memu Train’s First-Class Compartment Catches Fire en Route Dahod to Anand Watch Video

At the Dahod’s Jakot railway station, there was a commotion as a Memu train’s coach caught fire. The fire had broken out in the engine of the train. Shortly after, flames engulfed the first-class coach. Passengers on the train reacted promptly as the fire began to spread, and they were safely evacuated before any major casualties occurred. The fire brigade from Dahod quickly arrived at the scene and managed to control the blaze.

Amidst billowing smoke, passengers on a Dahod-Anand Memu train had to make a hasty exit. Train number 09350, en route from Dahod to Anand, had halted at Jakot railway station. A fire had broken out in the second engine, followed by flames in the first-class coach. Suddenly, thick smoke filled the air, prompting an immediate evacuation of passengers. The train was brought to a halt, and passengers safely disembarked just in time as the fire intensified in the coach. The Dahod Fire Brigade was quickly informed and arrived at the scene. With the efforts of three firefighters continuously spraying water, the blaze was eventually extinguished. Fortunately, no casualties were reported among passengers or railway staff.

Police and senior railway officials rushed to the scene to investigate the incident and ascertain its cause. At the helm of the investigation were the Range Inspector General (IG), the Superintendent of Police (SP) for Dahod district, local police, railway police forces, and railway authorities. This prompt response came as a major tragedy was narrowly averted. Preliminary indications suggest that the fire may have been caused by a short circuit, but a thorough investigation is underway to determine the exact cause of the incident.

Two hours later, the affected coach and engine were detached from the train, and the rest of the coaches were allowed to continue their journey. If the fire had occurred in the moving train, it could have led to a major catastrophe. Fortunately, the prompt actions taken, including separating the affected coach and engine, prevented any further untoward incidents, ensuring the safety of passengers.

The fire on the train’s engine was caused by sparks, according to Range Inspector General (IG) R.V. Asari. He mentioned that the incident occurred near Jakot, leading to the engine catching fire due to sparking. Further investigation is currently underway to determine the exact cause and circumstances surrounding the incident.

ASP K. Siddharth confirmed that the fire was indeed in the engine of the Memu train traveling to Anand. Immediate action was taken to detach the affected engine and ensure the safety of the train and passengers.

Rail operations have been affected as a result of the incident where a fire broke out in the engine of the Memu train near Jakot railway station. In response to the incident, the Western Railway Vadodara Division has decided to cancel the Anand-Dakor-Anand Memu train with train number 09387/09388 scheduled for September 15, 2023. Passengers are requested to kindly take note of this change and adjust their travel plans accordingly. The incident involving the fire in the engine has led to disruptions in rail services.

Mr. P.R.O. Pradeep Meena, the Divisional Railway Manager of Vadodara Western Railway Division, has communicated this information via a telephonic conversation, emphasizing that railway operations are currently functioning normally. The incident near Dahod has resulted in the cancellation of both the Anand-Dakor and Dakor-Anand Memu trains for the day.

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