Protest Over Admission Issues at MS University: Students-Police Clash Amid NSUI Road Blockade

Yesterday, Vice-Chancellor Vijay Srivastava of MS University in Vadodara made the decision to increase 1400 seats for local students. This move has faced opposition from various student organizations in Vadodara, as these students are demanding that all students in Vadodara be admitted to the Commerce Faculty. Today, the students made a large demonstration to give the authorities a lollipop.

A fierce fight broke out between the police and the students.

Student Anger Erupts

Students became highly agitated when the police confiscated their lollipops during protests today. The students were demanding that Vice-Chancellor Vijay Srivastava grant them lollipops. 

Two student organizations protested today. Scenes of tension were witnessed between the police and students. Police’s attempt to confiscate lollipops further infuriated the students. The students have only one demand: to grant admission to all local students of Vadodara in the first year of the Commerce Faculty.

NSUI staged a road strike.

Admission Should Be Given to All Local Students

AGSU student leader Jayesh Prajapati has announced that we are protesting for local students. Yesterday, in the Chancellor’s statement, it was said that the increase of 1400 seats is intended, but there is only one name from the first day. All local students should be given admission.

NSUI Protest Disrupted with Lathi Charge

Today, NSUI staged a protest outside the head office, blocking the main road. Police intervened and lathi-charged more than five activists who were participating in the protest. The demand echoed by all local students of Vadodara is for admission to the first year of the Commerce Faculty. The Chancellor was greeted with chants of “Hay Hay” as they made this demand.

The police detained Tingatoli.

NSUI Demands Equal Admission Rights

Yesterday, NSUI’s leader Amar Vaghela stated that the Vice-Chancellor has increased 1400 seats and handed lollipops to students, but we are not satisfied with this gesture. Our demand is that all students of Vadodara have the right to admission at MS University

Until all students are admitted to the Commerce faculty, we will continue our protest. Today, we protested by blocking the road to voice our opposition.

Massive Rally and Protest at University Headquarters

Massive Rally and Protest at University Headquarters

Yesterday, students, former students, BJP, and Congress leaders staged a large rally and protested vociferously outside the University headquarters, chanting slogans of dissatisfaction. During this time, all students dressed in black attire arrived prepared. 

Today was observed as a Black Day. Tensions escalated between the police and students, resulting in intense verbal confrontations. Student organizations issued a 48-hour ultimatum, threatening a vigorous protest if all local students of Vadodara are not granted admission within this timeframe.

Meeting with MPs and MLAs Held Last Night at MSU

Last night, Vice-Chancellor Vijay Srivastava announced that a meeting was held with MPs and MLAs along with members of MSU for three hours. Parents and students are crucial for us. Last year, 95% of students were from Vadodara. 

The current meeting arrangement under GCAS included 70% from Vadodara and 30% from outside students. Admission is now based on merit, and there is no scope for favoritism.

Decision to Increase 1400 Seats

Recently, a decision was made to increase the number of seats by 1400 in the Commerce Faculty at MS University, Vadodara. This decision, aimed at benefiting local students, addresses current challenges as the faculty operates in three shifts. The increase primarily benefits General category students among the 1400, whose merit lists will be published on the GCAS portal, thereby augmenting student enrollment. 

Starting today, the admission process for Round 1 has commenced with 4100 students from Vadodara city and district, ensuring many can select from up to 4 universities. This flexibility will prevent seats from remaining vacant at other universities, further benefitting students. With subsequent rounds to follow, local students have reasons to be optimistic.

Students arrived to protest with banners.

Discussion and Decision with the State Government

In a recent dialogue with the state government, it was deliberated upon why only 50% of eligible students were admitted last year, contrasting with the higher admissions this year. 

Responding to this query, it was highlighted that this year has seen exceptional circumstances, including significantly improved results in Class 12 and our continuous efforts towards providing quality education. We have engaged in discussions with the state government to resolve this matter. We are committed to ensuring fair admission processes for all students.

Students also chanted slogans with lollipops.

No Hereditary Rights for the Vice-Chancellor

Former student leader Prashant Patel disclosed that Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad has bestowed affordable education upon children in Vadodara city and district, a responsibility typically not inherited by the Vice-Chancellor of MS University. 

He highlighted instances during his time as a Commerce Faculty student when admissions became contentious. At that time, protests were staged via the Gandhi Chinna Marg, and if demands were unmet, they assumed the mantle of Bhagat Singh. Consequently, local students in Vadodara were entitled to 35% reserved admissions under those circumstances.

No Student from Vadodara Should Be Deprived of Admission

It has been emphasized once again that no student from Vadodara should be deprived of admission. If demands are not met, BJP’s entire brigade will hit the streets, ensuring justice for Vadodara’s students. The people of Vadodara city may lack access to clean water, but they will not compromise on their intellect.

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