MS University Duplicate Marksheet Scam Busted: Crime Unveiled in Gandhinagar, Manager Held

Recently, the consultancy HopeRays, specializing in visa consultation in Kudasan, exposed a scandal involving the fabrication of academic records for students seeking student visas abroad. Following this revelation, a thorough investigation by CID uncovered a racket involving the duplication of mark sheets and degree certificates from Baroda’s MS University under the guise of the Employer Oversize Service.

Scrutiny of Student Visa Documents in Gandhinagar

In different areas of Gujarat, particularly for countries like the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., HopeRays, through its Student Visa Consultancy, initiated an intensive inspection to detect and bring to light discrepancies in work permits, student visas, and racketeering related to them. This operation was undertaken under the supervision of CID.

Duplicate Marksheet Scam at MS University

In a recent incident, the consultancy HopeRays Education Pvt. Ltd., located in the LeLandmark Complex of Kudasan, not only exposed the forgery of mark sheets but also uncovered the creation of duplicate mark sheets and degree certificates for foreign visa applications. This unethical practice was carried out by a team of consultants and included the seizure of computers, laptops, and various documents.

Examination of Duplicate Marksheet Scandal

The employer Oversize Service, located in the capital’s iconic Capital Icon Building, was also found to be involved in the preparation of duplicate mark sheets and degree certificates from MS University in Baroda. The CID team conducted a raid on the third floor of the mentioned building, seizing computers, laptops, and numerous mark sheets, including the fake mark sheet of BCA from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.

Ongoing Investigation in Gandhinagar

The CID team, engaged in the cross-verification process, has commenced a rigorous examination of all duplicate mark sheets and degree certificates prepared by the university. It is noteworthy that after the confiscation of computer equipment and gadgets, there is a possibility of more duplicate mark sheets and degree certificates coming to light outside the CID’s investigation.

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