Mysuru Maharaja Releases Book About Founder of Cycle Pure Agarbathi

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Amidst the ongoing Dasara celebrations, the royal scion of Mysuru, His Highness Sri Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar released a book and a special limited edition agarbathi “Darbari” in honour of Shri N Ranga Rao, the founder of Cycle Pure Agarbathi, in the Royal palace today, to mark his birthday.

75 Years of Fragrance: Mysuru Maharaja Honors Cycle Pure Agarbathis Founder N. Ranga Rao with an Inspiring Book Release titled From Mysuru to the World

Speaking at the special occasion, His Highness Sri Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar said, “The fragrance of Mysuru agarbathi today has gained global glory and has been accorded the GI status for agarbathi. This is a testament to the fragrances of Mysuru Agarbathi that have long graced the royal courts, temples, and the homes of our people, elevating our senses and connecting us to the divine. We are committed to preserving the rich tapestry of our traditions, and we continue to extend our heartfelt patronage so that these fragrant arts continue to be a source of inspiration and pride for our people.”

The book titled “From Mysuru to the World” recounts the extraordinary life of the young, daring entrepreneur who chose Mysuru to set up his agarbathi business, right in the wake of indian independence, and went on to create a global conglomerate, with maverick ingenuity. The book is a narration by R Guru, the eldest son of N Ranga Rao.

My father had an uncanny ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. He was a kind of alchemist, a master perfumer who could transform simple ingredients into fine fragrances. He was born with an acute sense of business acumen. Above all, he was a kind and loving man who valued family relations above all. I believe that his story will inspire young entrepreneurs for generations to come,” said, R Guru, Chairman, NR Group.

During the 1953 Dasara, My grandfathers perfume creations received the gold medal. Today, exactly 70 years later, we feel blessed that the king is releasing a book about him. You could say that its a royal tribute to his perfume making legacy, that we continue to carry forward, three generations later. We are humbled and honoured to take the finest of fragrances, from Mysuru to the world,” said Mr. Arjun Ranga, MD, Cycle Pure Agarbathi.

The function was graced by members of the Ranga Family and the Mysuru Maharajah.

About NRRS

The Mysuru-based NRRS was founded by Shri N. Ranga Rao in 1948. A true visionary and a philanthropist, Shri Ranga Rao created the ubiquitous Cycle Pure Agarbathi which has, today, become the largest selling incense stick brand in the world. From a home-grown enterprise, NR Group has evolved into a successfully-run business conglomerate with an established presence in India and abroad. The group has diversified into various business categories like functional air care products (Lia brand of room fresheners and car fresheners), wellness home fragrance products (IRIS) under Ripple Fragrances, floral extracts (NESSO), and Rangsons Technologies. Today, it is truly an Agarbathi to Aerospace conglomerate as it is also involved in making parts for Defence helicopters. The business has a human face that is unmistakably displayed by virtue of its continuing fulfillment of social responsibilities through its charity arm ‘NR Foundation‘.

NR Group today is managed by the third generation of the Ranga family. For more information on NR Group, please visit

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