Namaz in School Case: DEO Interviews Principal, School Closed Today, Activity for Child Education

In Kalorex Future School in Ghatalodia, Namaz was organized for Eid celebrations. However, yesterday, some Hindu organizations protested against it. This incident has been noted even in Gandhinagar. The Education Department has ordered an investigation into the school’s actions. A team from the District Education Office (DEO) is present at the school today to conduct an inquiry. The team is also collecting video footage from near the school. Today, the school has declared a day off. The school’s principal, Nirali Dagli, mentioned that this activity was conducted as a part of teaching children.

Nirali Dagli also elaborated further, stating that a team from the District Education Office (DEO) had visited, taking note of our request. She mentioned in writing that we organized this small event for the purpose of promoting understanding of all religions. This aligns with the new education policy, where such practices are encouraged. We have been celebrating various festivals for the past three years, including Ganesh Chaturthi and Janmashtami, with the aim of imparting knowledge about the Gita. There is no intention to promote any particular religion.

Yesterday, Hindu organizations staged a protest at Kalorex School. Earlier, a video of the school conducting Namaz for Hindu students a day before Eid had gone viral. Taking offense to this, various Hindu organizations protested vehemently at the school yesterday. The school also issued an apology. ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) protested against the school for conducting Ramdhun (a Hindu religious activity) in the viral video. During the protest, the video showed school teachers being confronted, and some of them were physically assaulted.

The DEO team also obtained the viral video. Education Minister of Gandhinagar took note of the school’s situation. The Education Minister instructed the District Education Officer through a phone call to investigate the matter. The District Education Officer issued a notice to the school, demanding an explanation. The school also provided a clarification. Today, a team from the DEO office visited the school for further investigation. The school principal’s statement was recorded. The video that had gone viral is also in possession of the authorities.

Niyati Rao

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