Narol Medical Godown Fire Tamed After 6-Hour Battle: 18 Fire Brigade Vehicles Respond to Late-night Emergency

A fierce fire broke out early in the morning in the medical warehouse of Shreenath Estate, located near Gujcomacell in Narol expansion of Ahmedabad. The fire was first reported to the fire brigade in the late hours of the night. The fire brigade, consisting of 18 vehicles and more than 50 firefighters, immediately responded to the incident to control the fire. The fire, which erupted around 5 in the morning after a severe battle that lasted for six hours, was successfully brought under control in the medical warehouse.

Fire Brigade’s Prompt Response to Blaze at Medical Warehouse

According to available information, the fire brigade received a call around 11 PM the previous night about a fire in a warehouse of Shreenath Estate in the Kadambwada factory area of Narol expansion. The first four fire brigade vehicles reached the scene, and upon their arrival, the team witnessed a massive fire in the medical warehouse where chemicals, containers, and sheds were stored. The team, consisting of a total of 18 vehicles and 50 staff members, effectively fought the fire by using water jets.

Fire Successfully Controlled After 6-Hour Battle

The fire that broke out in the warehouse of Unprecedented Enterprises, a chemical storage facility in Shreenath Estate, was brought under control after a six-hour battle. The chemical used in the warehouse was solvent, which added to the complexity of the fire. The exact cause of the fire is yet to be determined. The fire brigade team, called by FSL to investigate the cause, took charge and continued with the firefighting operations after a break of two hours.

Post-6-Hour Battle, Fire Controlled Successfully

After a relentless effort, the fire in the medical warehouse of Shreenath Estate, Ahmedabad, was successfully controlled. The fire was fueled by the chemical solvent used in the Unprecedented Enterprises warehouse. The fire brigade team, which initially responded to the incident late at night, resumed operations five hours later to carry out cooling and extinguishing work. To determine the cause of the fire, the fire brigade team invited FSL for further investigation and continued their firefighting operations.

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