NASA Seeks Chandrayaan-3 Tech from India; ISRO Chief Reveals Lunar Landing Discussion

India has made history by successfully soft-landing Chandrayaan-3 on the lunar South Pole. The American space agency, NASA, has also recognized India’s achievement. ISRO’s Chairman, S. Somnath, mentioned that NASA scientists have requested technology from India.

When we were developing Chandrayaan-3, NASA-JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) scientists were called upon. These scientists have accomplished many difficult missions and have expertise in various rockets.

A team of 5-6 NASA-JPL personnel visited ISRO’s headquarters. We explained to them how Chandrayaan-3 will conduct a soft landing on the moon’s surface on August 23. We elaborated on our design, and our engineers shared how they built it. After hearing all of this, they said one thing, “No comments.” Everything looks good.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s foundation organized an event in Rameswaram on Sunday, October 15. At this event, Rameswaram mentioned, “India is a powerful nation. Our knowledge and intellect are among the best in the world.”

“We are Building the Best Rockets” – ISRO Chief

ISRO’s Chairman also said that students will have to understand that the world has changed significantly today. We are now making the best tools, the best instruments, and the best rockets. All of this is happening because Prime Minister Narendra Modi has opened up the space sector.

“I am telling students to come into the space sector, build rockets, build satellites, and make the country strong in the field of technology. It’s not just ISRO, every individual can do something in space. Today, in India, five companies are building rockets and satellites.”

India is the only country that will land a spacecraft on the south pole of the moon. With this, India will be the fourth country to land on the moon, after the United States, the Soviet Union (Russia), and China.

Chandrayaan-10 Could Have a Female Astronaut

ISRO Chairman mentioned that with Chandrayaan-10, there is the possibility of sending a female astronaut from India to the moon.

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