NEET Paper Leak in Jharkhand: 6 Arrested, Hazaribagh Booklet Number Linked; Professor Sent Paper on WhatsApp

Six Arrested in NEET Exam Scandal in Jharkhand

In a significant development in the NEET exam controversy, Jharkhand police arrested six individuals from Deoghar on Saturday. These suspects will be transported to Patna, Bihar for further investigation. So far, a total of 19 people have been arrested in this case. Authorities from both states have confirmed that evidence indicates the NEET paper leak originated from Jharkhand.

Details of the NEET Paper Leak

According to Bihar police, the NEET exam was held on May 5. During the exam, information surfaced that the paper had reached some students and exam centers, and efforts were being made to memorize it. When the police arrived at the scene, they found burnt papers and a booklet numbered 6136488. Sources suggest that this booklet is from a center in Hazaribagh, reinforcing the belief that the leak originated from Jharkhand.

Ongoing Investigation

The head of the investigating agency is currently in Delhi. Sources report that he has briefed officials from the National Testing Agency (NTA) and the Ministry of Education on the investigation report and actions taken so far. However, the investigating agency has not yet made any official statements regarding the case.

Jharkhand Police Action Based on Input

Deoghar police revealed that the six individuals arrested include Paramjit Singh alias Bittu, Chintu alias Baldev Kumar, Kaju alias Prashant Kumar, Ajit Kumar, Rajeev Kumar from Nalanda district in Bihar, and Pinku Kumar. According to Deoghar’s SDPO Ritvik Srivastava, the action was taken following specific input, and the accused were staying at Juhu Singh’s residence.

Professor Sent Paper via WhatsApp

Investigations have identified Sanjeev Mukhia, an employee of Noorsarai Udyan College, as the leader of the paper leak gang. This group had been planning the leak for several months. A professor sent the exam paper to Sanjeev via WhatsApp. Subsequently, medical students from Patna and Ranchi assisted in solving the paper. The solved answers were sent to Chintu alias Baldev’s mobile phone on the morning of May 5.

Patna School Used for Memorizing Answers

Following Chintu’s instructions, Pintu from Hilsa printed the answers and distributed them at 9 a.m. to about 20-25 candidates staying at the hostel of the closed Learn and Play School in Khemnichak. The results of the candidates sent to jail indicate that they were able to memorize only the answers to one subject, as their performance in that subject was notably better.

Professor Under Scrutiny

The investigation agency has also gathered information about the professor involved. However, officials are currently hesitant to disclose further details regarding the professor’s involvement.

Candidate Abhishek’s Father Awadhesh is an Investor for Sikandar

On May 5, police arrested candidate Abhishek from the examination center. That same day, Abhishek’s father, Awadhesh, was also taken into custody. Awadhesh resides in Kanke, Ranchi. Before 2012, Sikandar was a contractor in Ranchi, and Awadhesh worked as his clerk. In 2012, Sikandar became a government Junior Engineer (JE) in Bihar, after which Awadhesh ventured into the real estate business in Ranchi.

Awadhesh’s Wealth Accumulation

Over the past 12 years, Awadhesh has amassed properties worth crores. Sources indicate that Awadhesh is an investor for Sikandar, who has also acquired significant property in Ranchi. Sikandar owns a house and a flat in Jagatpuram, Ranchi. About three months ago, Sikandar opened a sports showroom on Bypass Road, Ranchi, for his son. Sikandar’s daughter has completed her MBBS.

Investigation and Allegations

Police have obtained information that Awadhesh invests Sikandar’s illegal earnings into land in Ranchi. The investigation agency plans to file a disproportionate assets case against Sikandar as well. Notably, in 2023, Awadhesh was shot and injured due to a land business dispute in Ranchi.

Police May Question Pritam Kumar with a Notice

On Thursday, Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sinha accused Tejashwi Yadav’s PS and Bihar Administrative Service officer Pritam Kumar of recommending the placement of the suspended JE Sikandar Yadavendu’s nephew, Anurag, and his mother, Reena, in HHHIV (Observation House). The investigation agency may send a notice and question Pritam.

The investigation agency has also instructed Nalanda police to arrest Sanjeev Mukhiya by sending a notice. On Friday, Nalanda police raided Sanjeev Mukhiya’s house, but he managed to flee. The police questioned his family members, and sources suggest that the police might seize Sanjeev Mukhiya’s house.

Close Ties Between Former President Prabhat Ranjan and Sanjeev Mukhiya

It appears to be more than just a coincidence that Sanjeev Mukhiya’s son, Dr. Shiv, completed his MBBS from PMCH. Sikandar Yadavendu’s daughter also completed her MBBS, and his son-in-law is pursuing PG studies. Additionally, new information reveals that Prabhat Ranjan’s daughter has also completed her MBBS. Prabhat Ranjan served as the chief of the Daniyawa block, and his wife held a prominent position.

On the night of May 4, 20-25 candidates were housed at Prabhat Ranjan’s residence in Khemnichak, where they were provided with the NEET UG question papers and answers. Prabhat Ranjan has close ties with Sanjeev Mukhiya. At Sanjeev’s behest, Prabhat rented out a house to Ashutosh. The police have stated that Prabhat Ranjan has been questioned once and his involvement is also under suspicion.

History of Paper Leaks

The central government has yet to decide on conducting a retest for the NEET paper leak issue. Historical examples from 2004 and 2015 highlight how decisions were made for retests following complaints of paper leaks in pre-medical tests. In 2004, initial investigations revealed that 13 students had purchased the paper, leading CBSE to cancel and reschedule the exam within a week.

In 2015, CBSE argued against retesting for 6 lakh students due to the involvement of only 44 students in the leak case. The Supreme Court ruled that even if one student gains an unfair advantage, it is unjust to other students.

This year, the leaked NEET paper reached 20-25 students in Bihar, who were provided with the leaked paper in a Patna school.

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