Shiv Sena Leader Attacked with Swords by Nihangs: Repeated Strikes on Head, Gunman Stood Nearby; Watch Heart-Shaking Video of Incident

On Friday afternoon in Ludhiana, members of the Shiv Sena attacked Sandeep Thapar, a descendant of Shiv Sena leader Sukhdev Thapar, outside Civil Hospital. Three Nihangs surrounded his vehicle during the festival of Dhola Divas and assaulted him with swords. Police have apprehended two Nihangs from Fatehgarh Sahib, while one suspect remains at large. 

Police Commissioner Kuldeep Chahal confirmed that a team led by SSP Ravjot Grewal from Fatehgarh Sahib arrested them near a university. The suspects are associated with the Baba Buddha group. Investigations into their records are ongoing. Additionally, Shiv Sena’s leader’s scooter has also been found, prompting police to initiate an inquiry against armed individuals present with the Shiv Sena leader. If proven guilty, they will face legal consequences.

Police Commissioner Kuldeep Chahal talking about the arrested accused.

Revolver Stolen from Gunman During Attack

During the assault, Sandeep was accompanied by a gunman. He possessed a revolver, which the Nihangs snatched away. In response, the gunman tried to defend himself but was injured. After the attack, the Nihangs fled with Sandeep’s scooter. Following this incident, tensions rose among Hindu leaders, leading to roadblocks and a police crackdown. The atmosphere remains tense.

Hindu leaders have announced a Ludhiana bandh in protest. They stated that if the suspects are not apprehended, they will organize demonstrations across Punjab. Central Minister Ravneet Bittu and Ludhiana MP Amarinder Singh Raja Warring strongly condemned the incident. They have advised the police to apprehend the suspects.

AAP MLA Gurpreet Gogi from West Ludhiana stated that attempts to incite violence in our city will not be tolerated. I will discuss this matter with the Police Commissioner.

Even after the Shiv Sena leader fell on the road, Nihang continued to attack him with a sword.

Sikhs Do Not Oppose Anyone

After the incident, Nihangs posted a video on social media stating that anyone who speaks against our religion, dignity, or martyrs will face the same fate as those in Ludhiana today. They also clarified that Sikhism does not oppose anyone and does not discriminate based on caste or religion. 

They emphasized that while the tongue has no bones, it can break bones. Those who speak against our religion and martyrs should keep control over their tongues. It is said that Nihangs do not engage in such activities. If proven true, Khalsa will continue to uphold its identity in this manner.

On the other hand, DC Police Jaskaran Singh Teja reached the hospital to meet Sandeep Thapar. He mentioned that a case under section 307 has been registered against the accused. Security has been tightened in the city, and the suspects will be apprehended shortly. A red alert has been issued across the area for full vigilance.

Nihango threatened by releasing the video on social media.

First Assault, Then Attack

Sandeep Thapar reported that he had attended a religious congregation and returned home with his gunman. Three Nihangs approached near Civil Hospital and began misbehaving. Subsequently, they attacked him with swords. The suspects also stole his gunman’s revolver.

Continuous Threats and Recent Attack

Sandeep Thapar has disclosed receiving numerous phone threats from unknown individuals over a considerable period. Despite informing the police multiple times, they did not take the matter seriously, leading to an attack on him today. Although he survived, his condition remains critical.

He mentioned that Ludhiana’s CP Kuldeep Chahal is responsible for this attack. He has been actively ensuring his security for the past three months without interruption.

Hindu leaders protested the police by blocking the road.

Hindu Leaders Protest and Police Inaction

Following the incident, Hindu leaders staged a protest blocking roads and demonstrating against the authorities. They criticized the police for their inaction despite Sandeep Thapar receiving constant death threats. 

Sena leaders Bhano Pratap and Amit Kaundal expressed their concerns at the scene, highlighting the ongoing threats faced by Sandeep Thapar and the police’s failure to take effective action.

CP Sahib also ignored their complaints, which they vowed not to tolerate. The incident has sparked violence in Ludhiana, with police failing to contain the situation.

Shiv Sena leader Sandeep Thapar is undergoing treatment at the Civil Hospital.

Protest Inside Hospital Leads to Controversy

Inside the Civil Hospital, Hindu leaders protested against Ludhiana Police Commissioner Kuldeep Chahal, also chanting slogans against CP Murdabad. They demanded the removal of CP Chahal from his position, accusing him of negligence. A preliminary investigation into the case has been registered at Police Station Division Number 2, as confirmed by ACP Akshay Jain. The arrest of the accused is expected shortly.

CP Kuldeep Chahal responded, stating that allegations against him are entirely baseless, asserting that he has been fully dedicated to his duties. He emphasized that he has been completely exonerated from any wrongdoing since the beginning. No permission has been granted to take the law into one’s own hands in Ludhiana.

DCP Jaskaran Singh Teja said- action will be taken against the accused.

Congress Chief in Ludhiana Demands Police Take Stern Action

Punjab Congress Committee President and Ludhiana MP, Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, strongly condemned the brutal and barbaric attack on Shiv Sena leader Sandeep Thapar ‘Gora’. He stated that the city has been experiencing an atmosphere of fear due to lawlessness.

He emphasized that criminals should not fear the law. He described how, despite having security guards, no action was taken against the attackers when they mercilessly assaulted him. He demanded that criminals be dealt with strictly according to the law and expressed hope that the police would soon arrest them.

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