Indian-Origin Nikki Haley Emerges as Strong Presidential Contender

In America, within the opposition party, the Republicans, Indian-American Nikki Haley has been rapidly advancing in her bid for the presidency. Following recent debates, she has become a prominent figure in the Republican primaries, challenging former President Donald Trump. She has secured 19% of the vote in New Hampshire, while Ron DeSantis, Florida’s governor, garnered 10%. Trump leads with 49% support. In a new survey, Nikki Haley is the sole Republican candidate to outperform Democratic President Joe Biden in hypothetical competition, receiving 49% of the vote. Biden garnered 43%. Nikki Haley is currently leading in the polls, surpassing not only Trump but also other major Republican contenders in the upcoming presidential race.

Nikki Haley Leads in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, Nikki Haley has received 19% of the vote. In comparison, Ron DeSantis received 10% support. Trump is leading with 49% backing. In another recent survey, Nikki Haley is the only Republican candidate participating in hypothetical competition against President Joe Biden. She received 49% of the vote, while Biden garnered 43%. Nikki Haley, in alliance with other close campaigns, is determined to dethrone Trump in the upcoming Republican primary. She has a plan, including a strategy to win in Iowa, New Hampshire, and her home state of South Carolina, where she is competing head-to-head with Trump.

Nikki Haley Gains Significant Advantage After Backing Away from Trump

In reality, Nikki Haley has gained a substantial advantage after distancing herself from former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, a prominent figure and vaccine advocate for Trump. She now leads the campaign as the more moderate and pro-Trump candidate. Nikki Haley’s campaign is strategically approaching donors who are inclined to support a Republican candidate other than Trump, seeking to win over those who wish to keep Trump at a distance, at a rate of 50% or more.

Trump Neglected Nikki Until She Became a Potential Candidate

Trump had consistently ignored Nikki Haley until she gained prominence. However, after Nikki started to lead in the polls, Trump began targeting her as a “low IQ candidate.”

Nikki May Benefit from a Sudden Surge

Nishnath Ford O’Connell has stated that Nikki’s assertion as a serious contender donating to Trump and his vaccination drive may present an alternative to Nikki. Nikki could become Trump’s option.

RamaSwamy Trails in the Contention

Indian-American Vivek Ramaswamy’s chances have dwindled over the past month. He initially gained popularity in the first debate, but in New Hampshire, they are currently trailing behind Trump, Haley, and O’Connell in fourth place.

Nikki Outpaces Desantis in Fundraising

Haley has raised a combined total of around $110 million or roughly 9.1 billion rupees. She has received contributions from approximately 40,000 new donors. In fundraising, they have outpaced Desantis.

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