Exploring the Future: Nokia India’s First 6G Lab in Bengaluru

Telecommunications company Nokia has established a 6G lab at its Global Research and Development Center in Bengaluru. The company claims that this is its first such lab. This lab will conduct research on “Network as a Sensor” technology, which means developing networks that function like sensors. This technology will enable networks to interact with objects, people, and movements without the need for onboard sensors. It has the potential to unify the digital and physical worlds.

Nokia stated that sensing will be entirely wireless, and it will work alongside communication services.

The company mentioned that it is actively working on distributing its 5G network globally and is also focusing on 6G. Therefore, it is collaborating with industry leaders, educators, and global research institutions on this project.

Nokia is working towards a common vision for 6G, including the Hexa-X and Hexa-X-II projects, which are flagship initiatives in Europe. Nokia is also a founding member of the Nokia Next Generation Alliance.

Big Stride Towards Making India an Innovation Hub

At the inauguration event of this 6G lab, Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw remarked that the launch of this 6G lab in Bengaluru today is a significant step towards making India an innovation hub, aligning with Prime Minister Modi’s vision. He mentioned that this lab, which has set up the first live 6G demo on the MS Web Spectrum, establishes the first live 6G lab in India. It will benefit research labs, academicians, and startups alike.

The Chief Strategy and Technology Officer of Nokia, Nishant Batra, expressed that contributing to the “India 6G Vision” by the Indian government is a matter of great honor for them. He mentioned that their contribution to the development and adoption of 6G technology in India is aimed at making India a global leader in this field. They are committed to working with stakeholders to achieve this goal through their technology and solutions.

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