Pakistani Spy Busted From Anand: Hacking Defense Phones, Sending Data for Money

A young man engaged in espionage for Pakistan was apprehended in Anand, Gujarat. This individual had been sending information to Pakistan through Indian Army personnel’s phones by using technology. In return, he received a significant amount. Presently, this young man has achieved considerable success, and the allegations against him are currently being investigated by the Gujarat ATS.

Gathering Details from Phones

The individual caught in Anand, Gujarat for conducting espionage on behalf of Pakistan is named Labhshankar Maheshwari. He had been acquiring information from Pakistan by using certain mobile numbers. In exchange, he received payment from Pakistan. He collected information by inserting a Trojan into the phones of Indian Army officials. The Central Agency has been aware of this ongoing activity for a considerable period and has now received the person’s contact number. Based on these details, Gujarat ATS has initiated the process of legal action against him.

Central Agency Receives Information

Sources close to the Gujarat ATS revealed that this individual had been working as a spy for a long time, intercepting details from phones and providing them to Pakistan. Over time, this espionage activity came to the attention of the Central Agency, and they obtained this person’s number. Central Agency has entrusted this person’s vital information to the Gujarat ATS. Using this data, the Gujarat ATS has begun legal proceedings against Umesh Maheshwari, who is responsible for this activity.

Niyati Rao

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