Vandalism of 500-Year-Old Idols in Pavagadh: Surat Jain Community Holds Overnight Vigil at Collector’s Office, Demands Immediate Arrests

In Surat, a gathering took place at the Collector’s office involving Jain saints and enthusiasts. This event followed an incident at Pavagadh’s Jain temples where statues of deities were allegedly vandalized and thrown out, prompting a social media campaign titled ‘Awaken, Jains, Awaken’ by youth and prominent figures in the Jain community. 

The Collector’s office facilitated the gathering of a large number of Jain devotees and supporters, who expressed their concerns without resorting to confrontation. Despite spending more than 12 hours there, members of the Jain community and monks did not leave the Collector’s office until their grievances were addressed satisfactorily.

Vandalism at Jain Temples in Pavagadh Sparks Outcry

According to Jain leaders, a storm erupted at the Jain pilgrimage site in Pavagadh, leading to the statues of revered Jain monks being thrown out. During the storm, some statues were damaged. 

This incident stirred up strong reactions in Surat, where Jain community leaders and supporters took to social media to raise awareness. As a response to the messages, Jain saints and political supporters organized an immediate gathering in Diwalibaug, under the leadership of Jinapemvijayji Maharaj, to address the aftermath of the incident.

Collector’s Office Addresses Jain Community’s Demand for Justice

In response to widespread discontent and messages like “Today is the time to put on bangles, otherwise tomorrow may come” circulating on social media regarding the recent incident at Pavagadh’s Jain temples, a gathering was organized at Diwalibaug attended by members of the Jain community. 

Following the meeting, Jain saints and political supporters, demanding justice for the damaged statues of revered Jain monks, converged at the Collector’s office. The Collector’s office facilitated discussions without making any arrests until then, offering assurances of impartial investigation into the matter.

Main Demands of the Jain Community

The Jain community has put forth several primary demands in response to the recent statue vandalism incident:

  1. Immediate Arrest of Vandals: They demand swift action in apprehending those responsible for vandalizing the statues and causing damage.
  2. Reconstruction of Temples: They urge the government to promptly allocate alternative suitable spaces for temporary worship and ensure the restoration of damaged statues.
  3. Timely Restoration Process: They call for the initiation of the restoration process without delay and for the work to proceed with a sense of urgency akin to a wartime effort.

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