Historic Meeting at Nalanda University: PM Modi Visits Ancient Ruins, to Inaugurate New Campus Soon

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Nalanda. Shortly, he will dedicate the new incarnation of ancient Nalanda University to the nation. Prior to this, he is also meeting the ruins of the ancient Nalanda University.

Accompanying the Prime Minister are External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar, Bihar Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar, and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Alongside them, diplomats from several countries and ministers from both central and state governments have also reached Nalanda.

PM Modi’s First Post-Election Bihar Visit

Following the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Modi is having his first official meeting in Bihar. It is anticipated that during this interaction, PM Modi will emphasize unity with JD(U) and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has arrived in Nalanda from Patna airport.

Nalanda’s Heritage Status and the Construction of its New Campus

In 2016, the ruins of Nalanda were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site by the United Nations. Subsequently, in 2017, construction work began on the university’s new campus. The new campus is situated near the ancient ruins of Nalanda, fulfilling the vision outlined in the Nalanda University Act of 2010. 

The PM visited the ruins of the 1600-year-old ancient Nalanda University.

This legislation was enacted to implement decisions made during the second East Asia Summit held in the Philippines in 2007.

Destruction and Legacy of Nalanda University in the 12th Century

Nalanda University holds a deeply historical significance dating back approximately 1,600 years to its establishment in the 5th century AD, making it a major center of learning in India. It attracted scholars and students from across the world. 

However, its illustrious history was interrupted in the 12th century when invaders destroyed the university, according to accounts from historians. Before its destruction, Nalanda had been providing education to students for nearly 800 years, making it a symbol of knowledge and scholarship during its time.

A scenic view of the newly built Nalanda University.

PM Modi’s Itinerary and Arrival Details

According to available information, Prime Minister Modi will arrive at the airport early in the morning via a special flight, marking his first visit after the Lok Sabha elections. Bihar’s Governor and CM Nitish Kumar will welcome him upon his arrival.

From there, PM Modi will proceed to Nalanda by an Army Mi-17 helicopter. His helicopter will land near the Nalanda ruins, specifically at the Mahavihara complex. Subsequently, he will visit the remnants of the ancient Nalanda University. Additional insights about the university’s history will be provided by S. Bhattacharya, Director of India’s Archaeological Department.

Three helipads have been prepared at the Mahavihara complex. The fourth helipad has been constructed at Rash Bihari High School playground, where the Governor and Chief Minister’s helicopters will land.

Following this, around 10:30 AM, PM Modi will travel approximately 17 kilometers to the new campus of Nalanda University in Rajgir via helicopter. He will spend roughly two hours there, attending the main event at the Susma Swaraj Auditorium and inaugurating the new campus.

During his visit, PM Modi will address a gathering attended by mission chiefs from 17 countries. Around noon, he is scheduled to depart from Rajgir by helicopter for the airport.

Barricading for PM Modi’s Security Cover up to 17 KM

In preparation for Prime Minister Modi’s arrival from Nalanda to Rajgir, every inch of the route has been secured by security forces. The security detail includes three levels: the first level being the Special Protection Group (SPG), the second level comprising central forces, and the third level guarded by Bihar Police personnel. The entire 17-kilometer stretch from Rajgir to Nalanda has been barricaded for enhanced security measures.

PM Modi’s Third Visit to Nalanda

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Nalanda for the first time in 2013 when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. During that time, he visited Sarmera’s Ahilyapur village and met the family members of youth who had lost their lives in a bomb blast during a rally in Patna.

Subsequently, in 2015, during the state assembly elections, Prime Minister Modi addressed a rally at Gopalganj Airport in Bihar Sharif block on October 15th.

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