Rajkot’s Health Emergency: 4 Heart Attacks in 48 Hours, Two Lives Lost in Tragic Incidents

There has been a continuous increase in the number of heart attack-related deaths occurring in Rajkot recently. In the last 48 hours, four individuals have lost their lives due to heart attacks. Just yesterday, one young person and one adult passed away, while today another young individual and an adult succumbed to heart attacks, leading to a sense of mourning in the region. In response, the police have conducted post-mortems to determine the true cause of death.

This alarming situation also extends to Banaskantha, where a police officer experienced a heart attack on duty and tragically passed away. The overall emotional impact of these incidents has affected the police community.

These cases underscore the importance of taking heart health seriously and recognizing the factors contributing to these sudden heart attacks, especially considering the significant number of deaths occurring in a short span of time.

Each of these heart attack cases is indeed a tragic occurrence, especially given the suddenness and the way they have unfolded.

Professor Mitesh was a faculty member at Kachchh’s Navodaya Vidyalaya, while his wife worked as a teacher in Kachchh as well. They had returned to their hometown in Rajkot for Diwali, just a few days ago. Last night, while both were out for Diwali shopping, they each suffered heart attacks and passed away.

In another case, Ketan Mohanbhai Hingrajia, who resided in Atlantic Heights near Toyota Showroom on Gondal Road, was living on the seventh floor. On the night, he was returning to his apartment from the ground floor at around 11 PM. Tragically, he suffered a heart attack while in the lift and passed away. Ketan Mohanbhai was running a factory in Shapar and was one of three brothers. His sudden demise has left his family in mourning.

These heartbreaking incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of heart health and the need for vigilance, as sudden heart attacks can affect anyone at any time.

It’s truly unfortunate to hear about the police officer who suffered a heart attack while performing his duty and was found dead, despite previous instances of heart-related issues. These incidents highlight the significance of monitoring and maintaining one’s heart health, particularly in high-stress professions where such health issues can be common.

In the case of 57-year-old Saayababhai Jorabhai, who worked at the Palanpur headquarters, he suddenly experienced a heart attack during his duty on Tuesday evening. Colleagues promptly took him to the nearby hospital. Unfortunately, despite prior incidents of heart trouble, he did not survive the latest attack.

Saayababhai had been serving as a police officer in Palanpur for an extended period, primarily handling administrative duties during his last two years before retirement. His family and colleagues are mourning his untimely demise.

These incidents underscore the importance of regular health check-ups and managing stress, especially for those in high-pressure professions. It’s a sad reminder of the value of taking care of one’s health, even in demanding roles.

Niyati Rao

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