Rajkot Municipal Corporation Workers End Strike, Pledge Monthly Meetings After Taking Over Operations

In a significant demonstration of discontent, approximately 350 employees from the Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) convened at the Corporation office today to assert their 35 demands, sparking a vehement protest. The sequence of events unfolded with the employees initially engaging in a collective recitation of Ramdhun, followed by their attempt to approach the deputy commissioner of the municipality.

However, the situation took an intense turn as law enforcement intervened to halt the procession, leading to a physical altercation between the protesting employees and the police. Subsequently, those who were prevented from presenting their demands chose to take assertive action by locking the doors of the main building of the corporation, bringing all official activities to a standstill.

Successful Resolution: Employees Conclude Strike at Rajkot Municipal Corporation

In a positive turn of events, the strike initiated by employees of the Rajkot Municipal Corporation has come to an end. The workforce had earlier called a halt to their duties, invoking a peaceful demonstration through the recitation of Ramdhun, to draw attention to their pending demands.

In a pivotal development later in the evening, Municipal Commissioner Anand Patel and Deputy Commissioner Anil Dhamelia convened with the employees. During the meeting, a commitment was made to address employee concerns by holding regular monthly meetings, starting from the first week of January. This assurance served as a decisive step towards resolving the issues at hand.

The agreement reached in the presence of the Municipal Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner proved instrumental in concluding the strike. The employees, appreciating the commitment shown by the authorities, opted to end their protest, signaling a renewed sense of cooperation and understanding.

Confrontation Unfolds: Rajkot Municipal Corporation Employees Clash with Municipal Commissioner Over Unresolved Demands

A tense situation arose today at the Rajkot Municipal Corporation as employees staged a protest, seeking resolution for their pending demands. Municipal Commissioner Anand Patel, in an effort to address the concerns, invited employee leaders for a discussion. However, the intended dialogue took an unexpected turn, resulting in a heated altercation between the employees and the commissioner.

During the exchange, Commissioner Anand Patel expressed dissatisfaction, questioning the punctuality of the employees’ work. In response, a leader representing the employees retorted, asking whether resorting to extreme measures was necessary to draw attention to their demands.

Regrettably, the discussions failed to yield a resolution, leading to a renewed protest by the employees. In a demonstration of discontent, they resumed their sit-in protest at the Patangan of the Municipal Corporation, accompanied by the recitation of Ramdhun.

Public Services Disrupted as Rajkot Municipal Corporation Employees Stage Protest

In a significant development, all offices within the Rajkot Municipal Corporation were brought to a standstill as approximately 350 employees, under the leadership of B.B. Jadeja, Vice-Chairman of Rajkot Metropolitan Municipality’s Personnel Council, initiated a protest. The employees’ council is actively challenging the municipality on various fronts, including the creation of new posts, alterations to the recruitment process, changes in qualifications, and concessions.

As a part of their protest, the employees resorted to a unique form of demonstration by conducting a Ramdhun. The symbolic act served as a manifestation of their dissatisfaction and a call for attention to their pressing concerns. Notably, if the issues at hand remain unresolved in the near future, there is a looming threat that public services essential to the community may be disrupted.

Tensions escalated during the protest, resulting in a clash between the protesting employees and law enforcement officers, creating an atmosphere of heightened unease. In a symbolic display of discontent, the employees directed slogans against Deputy Commissioner Anil Dhamelia, further intensifying the strained atmosphere.

Protests Remain Unaddressed Despite Commissioner’s Call for Resolution

In an ongoing saga, the commissioner has called for the convening of a committee meeting by November 30 to address the issues of interest concerning all employees. A commitment was made to hold monthly meetings between the union and the administration on the first Saturday of each month. Regrettably, to date, no discernible action has been taken by the authorities.

Numerous representations have been made by union representatives to office-bearers, underscoring demands for further relaxation of specific recruitment rules and concessions. Despite these efforts, there has been a lack of tangible progress or response from the authorities.

In response to the perceived inaction, some employees have sought legal advice, contemplating the possibility of legal recourse, including seeking a stay against the implementation of new rules. This reflects a growing frustration among the workforce regarding the resolution of their concerns.

The analogy of building a fence before the water, as expressed by the Manpa, aptly encapsulates the cautious approach taken by the employees. The introduction of a caveat indicates a proactive measure to safeguard their interests while navigating through the complexities of this issue.

Legal Action Initiated: Manpa Lodges Caveat No. 423 Before Principal Senior Civil Judge

In a significant legal development, the Municipal Personnel Association (Manpa) has taken proactive measures by filing Caveat No. 423 on the 7th before the Principal Senior Civil Judge. This legal move comes in response to recent developments, specifically addressing the proposed amendments to recruitment rules approved by Resolution No. 107 at the General Board meeting on November 20.

Subsequent to the filing, the Registrar has issued a public notice, highlighting that the Institutional Branch has commenced the recruitment process in accordance with the approved amendments. Importantly, the notice specifies that any individual seeking a permanent or temporary injunction against Manpa in relation to these matters must acknowledge the caveat filed. The prescribed process includes a mandatory hearing for Manpa before any order is passed.

This legal undertaking signifies Manpa’s intent to protect its interests and assert its stance in light of the proposed changes to recruitment rules. By filing Caveat No. 423, the association has positioned itself strategically to participate in any legal proceedings and ensure that its perspective is considered before any orders are issued.

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