Allegations of Rape Against Pharma Company CMD: Bulgarian Girl Approaches HC, Demands FIR; Lawyer Claims Over 50 Victims

A 27-year-old woman working as a Personal Assistant to the CMD in a well-known pharmaceutical company in Ahmedabad filed an application before the court, accusing the Chief Managing Director and another individual of the pharmaceutical company of offenses under IPC sections 376, 354, 323, 504, and 506. After the court inquiry, when the application was rejected, the woman sought directions from the Gujarat High Court to register an FIR. The application was presented before Justice J.C. Doshi in the High Court, and further hearings are scheduled for December 4. The case involves serious charges, and the legal process will unfold as the court proceedings continue.

The woman, Anjana Sharma, who currently resides in Ahmedabad, first filed an application in the lower court. Later, she was represented by her lawyer, Om Sharma. Apart from the CMD of the pharmaceutical company, another accused also works in the same firm. In 2022, she joined the pharmaceutical company in Ahmedabad as the Personal Assistant to the CMD through a job solution company. She continues to work in Ahmedabad despite being based in India.

The CMD (Chief Managing Director) reportedly instructed her that if she wanted to keep her job, she should be willing to compromise with him. Attempts to coerce her into such compromises allegedly took place in various locations, including Udaipur and Jammu, where the CMD allegedly tried to exploit the situation. In Jammu, the CMD reportedly stated that she should not break the bond if she wanted to continue the job. The woman faced harassment even in the CMD’s presence. Later, she experienced caste-based discrimination, leading to her distress. Her lawyer stated that more than 50 women have faced similar incidents in a pharmaceutical company, but no one has come forward due to fear.

The woman has filed a complaint against the accused, providing an affidavit along with 28 documents in the court. Despite filing a complaint with various authorities, including the DCP, Women’s Commission, Navrangpura Police, Sola Police, Women’s Police, etc., no action has been taken, prompting her to approach the court. In response, the lower court requested an affidavit along with 28 documents to be submitted for further investigation. The woman has expressed in writing that she has not been coerced or pressured in any way to withdraw her complaint. The court has directed the police to submit a report based on the woman’s complaint, and if she decides not to pursue the case in the future, legal action will be taken against her.

In this case, the woman has mentioned the name of the female ACP Himla Joshi. The woman’s lawyer has informed the court that the woman accused the female police of coercing her to withdraw the complaint by threatening her with consequences. The court, after reviewing the submitted documents related to the job dispute, found discrepancies in the complaint against the accused woman. As a result, on October 3rd, the court dismissed the woman’s complaint in this case. The woman ACP Himla Joshi is also mentioned in connection with this case.

The woman in the video has submitted evidence to the female police officer. In October, the woman filed a complaint against the accused in the lower court and had applied for the case to be heard in the High Court. The application was submitted before Justice J.C. Doshi. The woman’s lawyer stated that the case is a stain on society. The police have influenced the foreign woman’s mind by exposing the video. The woman has handed over the evidence to the female police officer, and it is suggested that the video may contain destructive content. Additionally, only a police report cannot be considered as evidence in the court’s investigation.

A similar incident occurred with a young woman from Bengal. The government informed the High Court that there was a dispute over some job-related matters. The applicant is involved in one of the jobs in question. Previously, there was a rejected application in court related to this matter. The applicant’s lawyer stated that as per CRPC Section 164, statements of three complainants were recorded, including a young woman from Bengal who did not disclose her identity. One person did not provide any information, and another young woman submitted a statement.

The applicant did not disclose anything in her affidavit to the government lawyer. The lower court, upon giving its verdict, cannot register a police complaint. The young woman had filed numerous applications before various authorities even before coming to court. Some parts of the hearing were copied from YouTube by certain sections of the media. Thus, the young woman’s lawyer informed that another judge had asked the applicant to show cause to the police for filing a complaint to the High Court. If the High Court has the power to issue orders to file a complaint, why does the High Court ask us to show cause to the police?

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