Russia to Compensate Surat Youth’s Family ₹1.30 Crore for Ukraine War Death, ₹45 Lakh Deposited

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia, the Russian President agreed to release the Indian military assistants fighting for Russia in the Ukraine war as soon as possible. On the other hand, compensation packages and offers of Russian citizenship have been made to the families of Indians killed in the war. However, it was noted that India does not accept dual citizenship. During this visit, Ashwin Mangukia, the father of Hemil Mangukia from near Velanja who was killed in a Ukrainian airstrike six months ago, expressed a desire to accept Russian citizenship.

In March, when Ashwin went to Russia to collect his son Hemil’s body, he was informed that his family would receive compensation of 1.3 crore rupees and Russian citizenship. Additionally, the minor child in the family would receive a monthly stipend of 18,000 rupees until the age of 18.

Mangukia stated that they had opened a bank account for him in Russia and deposited 45 lakh rupees into it. His son was not yet married. He would have to travel to Russia multiple times to complete the process of obtaining Russian citizenship. At the same time, four other Indians were killed in the Ukraine war alongside Hemil.

“I Will Renounce Indian Citizenship After Receiving Compensation” 

Russia has offered citizenship to me and my wife. Russia had promised us 1.3 crore rupees in compensation, of which 45 lakh rupees have been deposited in a local bank. Once the full amount is deposited, I will begin the process of obtaining Russian citizenship. They mentioned a period of three months for the money, so I will visit Russia one more time. After completing the process, I will renounce Indian citizenship. – Ashwinbhai Mangukia, Father of Deceased Hemil

Hemil’s Death in a Ukrainian Drone Attack 

Hemil Mangukia, a 23-year-old from Shivbungalows near Umra in Velanja, had joined the Russian army as a security helper. He was killed in a Ukrainian drone attack on February 21, 2024. Along with him, other youths from different parts of the country had joined the Russian army as security helpers.

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