Sagathia’s ‘Treasure’ Unveiled: Rs. 5 Crores Cash, Gold Found in Office; Previously Rs. 10.55 Crores in Benami Assets Revealed

During a search of the office of the former Deputy Commissioner of Rajkot Municipal Corporation and accused in the TRP Game Zone fire case, Mansukh Sagathia, officials uncovered Rs. 5 crores in cash and gold worth crores. Notably, the Rajkot ACB (Anti-Corruption Bureau) police have registered a complaint against Sagathia for disproportionate assets. 

It was found that he had amassed wealth worth Rs. 10,55,37,355, which is 410.37% more than his legitimate income. With the discovery of more cash and gold, the ACB has intensified its investigation.

Large Cache of Cash and Gold Found in Sealed Office in Rajkot

In a recent operation, the Rajkot ACB team uncovered a significant amount of cash and gold during a search of the Twin Star office on 150 Feet Ring Road. The office belonged to Mansukh Sagathia, a former Class I officer of the Rajkot Municipal Corporation, who faces allegations of disproportionate assets. 

During the search, officials found Rs. 5 crores in cash and gold worth crores, distributed across three boxes. The ACB also seized a large safe, gold jewelry, a printer, and numerous documents from the office. This discovery follows the complaint registered against Sagathia and marks a critical point in the ongoing investigation. The findings from Sagathia’s probe are anticipated to reveal further details.

Documented Purchase Price of Office Revealed

Mansukh Sagathia, the former Deputy Commissioner of Rajkot Municipal Corporation, owns an office in the North Block of Twin Star Tower near Nanamava Circle on 150 Feet Ring Road. According to documents, office number 901 in Twin Star Tower was registered on December 4, 2020. The buyer was listed as Dilip Sagathia, Mansukh Sagathia’s brother. 

The documented purchase price of the office was Rs. 51,47,500, with an additional stamp duty of Rs. 2,52,300 and a registration fee of Rs. 52,300, bringing the total amount paid to Rs. 54,57,880. Two months later, the power of attorney for the office was transferred to Mansukh Sagathia. Consequently, Mansukh Sagathia took possession and management of the office.

Outstanding Property Tax on Sagathia’s Office

A notice has been posted on the door of office number 901 in Twin Star Building, owned by Mansukh Sagathia, by the Rajkot Municipal Corporation. The notice states that Rs. 67,333 in property tax is outstanding as of November 16, 2023. The notice further warns that if this tax is not paid within five days, the office will be auctioned off. Fifteen days after the notice was posted, on November 30, the office was sealed by the municipal authorities. 

However, the seal was broken by an unknown person. Over six months have passed since then, and no action has been taken against the individual who broke the seal. Recently, the Rajkot police resealed the office and issued a warning that the seal should not be broken again.

Scope of ACB’s Investigation on Mansukh Sagathia

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has been investigating the disproportionate assets of Mansukh Dhanabhai Sagathia, the former Town Planning Officer of Rajkot Municipal Corporation. The investigation covers the period from April 1, 2012, to May 31, 2024. During this check period, the ACB scrutinized the properties acquired by Sagathia. 

The investigation included gathering documentary evidence, details of bank accounts, and information from various government offices. Financial transactions were also examined. All collected information was analyzed by the ACB’s financial advisor to determine the legitimacy of Sagathia’s assets.

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