Saurashtra University’s Economics Teacher Conducts Computer Courses Viva for 100 Answer Books in a Day with Two Exam Observation Sessions

Controversy has erupted at Saurashtra University, involving the academic work of a professor associated with Jasani College in Rajkot. Purushottam Undhad, initially an economics professor, shifted to teaching computer science upon the college principal’s notice to fill teaching positions. The principal issued a notice to motivate teachers to fill academic gaps, and this incident has reached the attention of Saurashtra University’s Chancellor and the Chief Minister. Notably, the university has not taken any disciplinary action against the professor so far.

Memo Reveals Professor’s Misconduct at Saurashtra University

The Principal of Jasani College, Falguniben Shastri, has issued a memo to Associate Professor P.M. Undhad, disclosing his unsatisfactory performance related to the practical examination of Economics 1, a paper-16 subject, in the B.A. Semester 5 exam held on September 29. Due to inadequate preparation, the professor’s leave was not approved, leading to a three-day suspension of salary. The principal’s inquiry into the professor’s absence revealed unprofessional conduct, raising questions about the professor’s dedication.

Examination Observation and Checking 100 Answer Sheets

Professor P.M. Undhad, who is currently under scrutiny for his previous misconduct, has raised eyebrows again. On October 27, 2023, he conducted an observation at Sadguru Homescience and Commerce College between 10:30 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 5:30 PM. During this time, he not only played the flute but also checked 100 answer sheets of an Economics subject. This unusual behavior has left both students and examination authorities surprised, and the controller of examinations, Nilesh Soni, is expected to address this matter with University Vice-Chancellor Dr. Nilambari Dave.

Request to the Chief Minister in the Absence of Action

Interestingly, the college authorities, led by Acharya, approached the Vice-Chancellor, Secretary, and Examination Controller before turning to the Chief Minister. In a peculiar turn of events, the professor, despite not facing any disciplinary action, has become a topic of serious concern for students’ futures. The Examination Controller, Nilesh Soni, has sought clarification from Vice-Chancellor Dr. Nilambari Dave about the professor’s actions. The outcome of this case will be closely monitored for its potential impact on academic integrity and the reputation of Saurashtra University.


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