School Management Appeal to Government: Hire Permanent and Pravasi Teachers to Fill Vacancies In Gujarat

In an effort to fill the vacancies of teachers in government and granted schools in the state, the Gyan Sahayak Scheme was initiated. Under this scheme, the recruitment of 4800 assistant teachers was planned. Although the recruitment of assistant teachers has taken place, there remains a significant number of vacant positions as not all recruited teachers have reported for duty. In response to this, some teachers have submitted letters to the school management committee, addressing the Chief Minister, seeking resolution to the issue.

1000 Gyan Sahayak Teachers Did Not Join

The State School Management Committee informed Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel that there were 7000 vacant permanent secondary school teacher positions in granted schools across the state. To address this, 4800 assistant teachers were recruited to fill positions in district classrooms. However, only 20% of the recruited teachers, which is equivalent to 1000 teachers, have joined. Additionally, after the initial days of starting, 10% of the teachers who initially joined have not reported back, citing reasons such as finding jobs closer to home, having a 4-month contractual job, or facing difficulties in managing time.

Vacant Teacher Positions Continue in the Second Semester

With the completion of the first semester and the commencement of the second semester, teacher positions remain vacant. In the state’s granted schools, the recruitment of permanent teachers is ongoing to fill the vacancies of secondary school teachers. In cases where assistant teachers are not available, the schools are instructed to recruit traveling teachers temporarily. The State School Management Committee is considering releasing an additional list for TAT and HTAT pass candidates to meet the demand and make assistant teachers available for an extended period.

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