How Safe Are Students in School Vans in Vadodara? Rear Door Incident Leads to Two Students Falling in Tarsali- Watch CCTV Footage

Incident of School Van Accident in Vadodara Raises Safety Concerns

In a concerning incident in Vadodara city, two young girls were injured after falling from a moving school van on the Novino to Tarsali Road near Tulsi Shyam Society. CCTV footage capturing the entire event has surfaced, prompting immediate action from both the police and the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Authorities have detained the van’s driver from the school premises, and further investigations are underway.

Safety of Students in School Vans Questioned

The safety of students traveling in school vans has come under scrutiny across the state in recent days. This incident in Vadodara highlights the pressing issue, showing that students are not safe even in vehicles meant for their transport. The two girls were on their way home from school when they fell from the moving van near Tulsi Shyam Society. Nearby residents quickly came to their aid, providing initial treatment for their injuries at home.

The incident, which occurred on June 19, came to light when the video footage was released today. This has spurred the Vadodara police and RTO into action, initiating a thorough investigation. The girls, named Manali and Keshvi, were fortunate to receive prompt assistance, but the event raises serious questions about the overall safety measures in place for children traveling to and from school.

Eyewitness Account of School Van Incident in Vadodara

Door Opened Suddenly, Causing the Girls to Fall

Ankurbhai Thakkar, an eyewitness to the incident, recounted the event, stating that they were present when the door of the school van suddenly opened, causing the two girls to fall out. He mentioned that both girls sustained serious injuries. “We seated them on a swing, administered first aid, and gave them water before sending them back. The van driver later dropped the girls at their homes. If the van had been moving slower, the injuries might have been less severe. The door opened right before our eyes, and the girls fell out,” he said.

Vehicle Was Moving at a Moderate Speed

Another resident, Sonal Bamaniya, also described the incident, noting that the back door of the van opened while it was moving, causing the two girls to fall out. “The men from our homes brought the girls inside and provided treatment. The driver was moving at a moderate speed. The girls were a bit shaken. We advised the driver to be more careful to prevent such negligence in the future,” she added.

Reckless Driving and Sudden Braking Led to the Accident

Sudden Brakes When Hitting Bumps

Kavya, a friend of the injured girls, shared that the driver tends to drive at high speeds and abruptly brakes whenever there is a bump. “We weren’t there, but the uncle drives very fast and hits the brakes suddenly when there’s a bump,” she said.

Speeding Due to Running Late

Another student explained that Manali and Keshvi are their classmates. “The van’s door is sometimes slightly open from the inside, which might have caused it to open, leading to the fall. The driver tends to drive fast, especially when running late, and brakes suddenly at turns. They dropped me off and then turned the corner where the accident happened,” the student recounted.

Investigation Underway

RTO Inspector S.P. Suthar stated, “Please allow me to investigate. We are currently investigating the entire incident, and the driver’s license will be suspended.” Additionally, PI P.D. Pawar mentioned, “I have come here to inspect the situation. We will identify the vehicle owner from the camera footage and take legal action against them.”

Driver Lacked Permission for School Van Operation

Driver Detained and Lacked Proper Permits

Traffic police detained van driver Pratik Parmar from the school campus. It was found that he did not have permission to operate a school van. The driver claimed that the girls opened the door themselves, causing them to fall. He mentioned that he only transports ten students in the van and has applied for the necessary permits. Additionally, he offered 3,000 rupees for the girls’ medical treatment.

Girls Fell but Were Not Seriously Injured

Prafull Panseriya commented on the incident, stating, “I saw on TV that in many schools across Gujarat, students are transported in vans or rickshaws arranged privately by parents. This is a serious incident, but we are thankful to God that the girls were not seriously injured despite the fall. I urge all parents to ensure not only the vehicle but also the driver is thoroughly checked.”

Need for Awareness Among Parents and Teachers

He further emphasized the importance of parental and teacher awareness, saying, “Parents should check the character and behavior of the driver with their children. It is crucial for parents to be vigilant about this matter. I appeal to both government and private school teachers to be sensitive and aware of this issue. Van drivers are not just driving a vehicle; they are responsible for the safety of eight to ten children who are the heartbeats of their parents. Therefore, they must drive carefully and responsibly. Both school teachers and parents need to be more aware and proactive in ensuring the safety of their children.”

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