Singapore Guru Sentenced to 10.5 Years: Defrauded Devotees of ₹43 Crores, Violently Punished Disobedience

Singapore Religious Leader Wu Mei Ho Sentenced to 10.5 Years in Prison

In Singapore, 54-year-old religious leader Wu Mei Ho has been sentenced to ten and a half years in prison. The court found her guilty on five counts, including deceiving her followers and causing them harm. Wu Mei Ho was accused of brainwashing her followers and convincing them that she was a goddess.

When followers did not obey her commands, Wu Mei Ho would punish them cruelly. She would force them to eat their feces and pull out their teeth using pliers. She attacked followers with scissors and even instructed them to jump from the second floor of a building.

According to Singapore’s news channel CNA, Wu Mei Ho described herself as a devotee of the Indian religious leader Sri Shakti Narayani Amma. Followers of Sri Shakti Narayani Amma consider him the first known incarnation of Goddess Narayani. Wu Mei Ho has been running an ashram in Singapore with a group of 30 followers since 2012. To make people believe in her, she always dressed like a goddess, wearing sarees and makeup.

Direct Involvement with Sri Shakti Narayani Amma for 8 Years Since 2012

Wu Mei Ho had been directly involved with Sri Shakti Narayani Amma since 2012. During this time, she began identifying herself as a goddess and claiming to communicate with spirits. She then instructed her followers to call her a deity.

Wu Mei Ho’s followers testified in court that they sought her help to cure their illnesses and improve their lives. During this period, Wu Mei Ho demanded money from people, claiming that she needed to send funds to India to clear their “bad karma.” In this manner, Wu Mei Ho defrauded her followers of 430 million rupees.

Wu’s Claims About the Donations

Wu Mei Ho claimed that the money was spent in India on caring for cows, building temples, and schools. Ten followers accused her of forcing them to purchase essential items, cook food, clean houses, and arrange transportation for her travel.

The first case of assault against Wu by her followers was filed in 2020, leading to her arrest in October 2020. An anonymous follower stated that she worked with Wu in 2019. During a festival, Wu attacked her with five containers, causing severe head and facial injuries, including damage to one eye.

When the follower reported her pain to Wu, she was told to drink some “holy water” and put it in her eyes. To avoid further pain, Wu instructed her to look at bright sunlight, which worsened her vision.

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