Discovery in Madhya Pradesh: Stolen Gold Coins from Navsari Found in Laborer’s Hut, Including Rare 102-Year-Old Coin

Gold Coins Stolen in Navsari: A Cinematic Heist

In a cinematic twist of events in Bilimora, Navsari, a new house owner, who is an NRI, experienced a robbery just a month after receiving gold coins during the demolition of his property. The Navsari and Madhya Pradesh police swiftly responded to the situation, creating a captivating narrative.

The police in Navsari have successfully recovered approximately 199 gold coins valued at around one crore. They have also apprehended five suspects in connection with the theft. However, the intriguing question arises about the ownership of these legendary gold coins. The authorities are now faced with the task of unraveling the details of how the theft of these coins from the NRI’s house in Navsari transpired.

This unique story adds a layer of mystery as it prompts questions about the origins and ownership of the stolen coins. The police investigation will play a crucial role in uncovering the details of the heist, shedding light on how the theft took place in the NRI’s residence and the subsequent pursuit of the suspects. The unfolding saga of the stolen gold coins promises to be a captivating tale, revealing the intricacies of the theft and the police’s efforts to solve the case.

The Complete Story of the Gold Coin Heist in Navsari

Hawaben Imtiyazbhai Baliya, a resident of London for the past 20 years, found himself amid an extraordinary tale in Bilimora. His century-old house, located near the Jumma Masjid in Bilimora, was on the brink of collapse, leading him to contract local builder Sarfaraz Haji Kordiya to demolish the property. However, during the demolition, some gold coins were discovered in the deteriorating structure.

Rather than reporting the find to the house owner or the police, the laborers, under the guidance of contractor Sarfaraz Haji Kordiya, took possession of the gold coins. The laborers, primarily from Ali Rajpura in Madhya Pradesh, managed to make off with a portion of the gold coins when the house was being torn down.

The incident came to light when the Madhya Pradesh police, investigating a complaint about stolen gold coins filed by local laborers, reached Ali Rajpura. Instead of following due legal processes, the laborers, in collusion with the contractor, decided to keep a portion of the gold for themselves. This led to a heated dispute and eventually prompted the laborers to file a complaint with the local police in Ali Rajpura, resulting in the involvement of the judicial system.

The Madhya Pradesh police, realizing the inter-state nature of the case, reached out to Bilimora police and the house owner, Hawaben Imtiyazbhai Baliya, to unravel the entire story. This intricate tale involves a historic house, a contractor, local laborers, a hidden treasure, and a dispute that spans multiple states.

Navsari LCB Unravels Gold Coin Heist in Ali Rajpura

The Navsari Local Crime Branch (LCB) has successfully cracked a case involving the theft of gold coins in Bilimora. The complaint regarding the theft of gold coins had been lodged, but details about the quantity and the theft itself were unclear. To unravel the entire case, the Navsari LCB collaborated with Madhya Pradesh police over a span of six weeks.

The operation resulted in the arrest of five individuals linked to the theft:

  1. Ramku (Bhailala), aged 47, laborer
  2. Raju alias Rajla Genti (Bhailala), aged 28, laborer
  3. Banjari (Raju alias Rajla Genti), aged 26, laborer
  4. Kishor, involved in local conflicts, from Bejadagam, Ubhla-Dagda Faliya, Thana-Sondva, G. Ali Rajpura, Madhya Pradesh
  5. Sarfaraz Haji Kordiya, aged 44, is involved in the trade of old materials, Valsad

A total of 199 antique gold coins were seized from these individuals, with each coin estimated to weigh around 8 grams. The coins bear the symbol of King George and were minted in 1922. The current market value of these coins is estimated to be around 92 lakh rupees.

The laborers, unaware of the actual value of the coins, kept them hidden in their residences and the surrounding area. These coins, if sold in the market, could fetch a considerable profit for the laborers who were initially unaware of their worth.

The ownership of the coins will be determined in court, and the recovered coins will be handed over to the rightful owner, Hawaben Imtiyazbhai Baliya, who had filed the initial complaint.

The Navsari police are coordinating with the Gujarat government and the Archaeology Department to ascertain the ownership of these antique gold coins. If ownership is established to be with the government, it will be deposited accordingly; if it belongs to the house owner, the legal process will be followed.

This successful operation not only recovered the stolen gold coins but also led to the apprehension of those involved in the theft, bringing justice to the case.

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