Surat’s 20ft High APMC: Trucks Reach Shops Directly with 108 Shops & Cold Storage at Rs 125Cr

Surat, Gujarat, is poised to achieve a remarkable milestone in its agricultural infrastructure with the upcoming inauguration of the nation’s inaugural 20-foot high Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) facility, complete with ramp access. This pioneering endeavor, with a total cost of Rs. 125 crore, is set to feature 108 towering shops and is expected to significantly impact the region’s agricultural landscape.

Efficient Vertical Cargo Movement: A Distinctive Feature

A notable feature of Surat APMC is its innovative ramp system, which allows trucks laden with vegetables to directly access shops positioned 20 feet above for unloading. While several cities in the country already have APMCs operating on the first and second floors, the incorporation of ramps is a distinctive addition that sets Surat APMC apart.

Addressing Space Constraints:

Surat, currently home to a population of more than 70 lakhs, is poised to experience significant population growth, with estimates projecting a population exceeding 1 crore by 2035. This rapid urbanization necessitates an expansion of existing facilities to accommodate the surging demands. In light of this, Surat APMC has undertaken a comprehensive expansion initiative aimed at meeting these evolving needs. Remarkably, this ambitious project is slated for completion within one year.

The integration of ramps at Surat APMC is a strategic response to the challenges posed by space limitations in a rapidly growing urban center. This innovative approach streamlines the unloading process, enhances efficiency, and contributes to the overall modernization of agricultural infrastructure.

In light of Surat’s expanding population, this expansion initiative is a proactive measure, ensuring that the APMC can continue to serve the region effectively and efficiently. This commitment to future-proofing the facility underscores Surat’s dedication to supporting its agricultural community and facilitating sustainable growth.

Timely Completion of Expansion Project:

The Chairman of Surat APMC, Sandeep Desai, has revealed that the expansion of the APMC is expected to be finalized within a span of approximately 12 months. This rapid timeline underscores the urgency and dedication with which Surat is addressing the pressing need for enhanced infrastructure.

Meeting the Needs of a Rapidly Growing City:

As the fourth fastest-growing city globally, Surat recognizes the importance of staying ahead of its burgeoning demands. The APMC expansion is a strategic response to accommodate the daily requirements of vegetables and to cater to the city’s future needs effectively.

Enhanced Facilities:

The expanded APMC facility will encompass various noteworthy features, including the provision for parking 40-foot-long trucks and the implementation of a spacious 100-foot-wide ramp. These enhancements are designed to streamline operations and improve efficiency in the transportation and handling of agricultural produce.

A Comprehensive Upgrade:

Established in 1998, Surat APMC has thrived over the years, necessitating an expansion to meet the increasing demands of the region. The upgraded APMC will incorporate advanced cold storage facilities, a vital component in preserving the quality and freshness of agricultural produce. Additionally, the facility’s ability to accommodate 40-foot-long trucks signifies its commitment to facilitating efficient logistics.

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