Surat Civil Hospital Launches Inquiry into Alleged Medical Negligence Causing Child’s Hand Amputation

The family of a four-year-old child has raised serious concerns over alleged medical negligence resulting in the amputation of the child’s hand at the New Civil Hospital in Surat. The family asserts that the unfortunate incident occurred as a consequence of a severe infection caused by the administration of an injection, ultimately leading to the amputation of the child’s hand.

Navigating Life’s Challenges: A Laborer’s Tale of Resilience

Upendra Singh Bharanshing Rajwansi, originally from Bihar’s Aurangabad district, has established his home in Shastrinagar near Ganeshnagar in the Pandesara area of Surat. Supporting his family, including his wife Vijanti Devi, sons Vishnu, Mahesh, and the youngest member Ganesh, Upendra Singh earns a livelihood through the physically demanding task of picking up parcels in the textile market. This occupation, though challenging, serves as the mainstay for their family’s sustenance. Unfortunately, life took an unexpected turn on the morning of November 13 when Vijanti Devi fell ill with diarrhea. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the family swiftly sought medical assistance, bringing Vijanti Devi to the New Civil Hospital for urgent treatment. This episode illuminates the resilience of families relying on manual labor for their livelihood and emphasizes the importance of accessible healthcare in navigating life’s unforeseen challenges. The Rajwansi family’s story is a testament to the tenacity exhibited by individuals engaged in labor-intensive occupations as they confront both the routine demands of their work and unexpected health crises.

Overcoming an Unexpected Mishap: Ganesh’s Staircase Fall

In an unfortunate incident, four-year-old Ganesh experienced a fall from the staircase while playing at the New Civil Hospital. His mother was admitted to the sixth floor of the kidney building for treatment, leaving Upendra Singh to care for their three children, including Ganesh. On the evening of November 14, as Upendra Singh briefly returned home for dinner, Ganesh, engrossed in play with his brothers, accidentally fell from the sixth-floor staircase to the fifth floor, sustaining injuries to his head and forehead.

Upon Upendra Singh’s return, he promptly discovered the incident and took Ganesh to the doctor on the seventh floor for immediate medical attention. Necessary medications were provided to address Ganesh’s injuries. In the midst of this, Vijanti Devi, the mother, was discharged from the hospital. The incident underscores the challenges faced by families managing healthcare concerns while simultaneously attending to the safety and well-being of their children. The quick response and actions taken by Upendra Singh highlight the resilience and adaptability required in navigating unexpected circumstances, even within the confines of a hospital environment.

Battling Infection: Ganesh’s Ordeal and Medical Intervention

Following the unfortunate fall from the staircase, Ganesh’s health took a turn for the worse after returning home. Recognizing the urgency, Upendra Singh promptly sought medical attention at the New Civil Hospital. The attending doctor administered an injection to Ganesh’s right hand and affixed a medicinal bottle to it in an attempt to address the emerging health concerns. Regrettably, the situation escalated as Ganesh developed a severe infection in his hand, resulting in a distressing discoloration.

In response to the escalating health crisis, Ganesh was admitted to the G/2 Ward in the New Civil Old Building. Despite medical efforts, the infection proved relentless, necessitating a difficult decision. In an effort to prevent further complications, Ganesh’s right hand had to be surgically amputated, highlighting the gravity of the situation and the challenges faced by both the young patient and his family. The incident underscores the critical importance of vigilant medical care and the complexities involved in managing post-traumatic complications, even within a healthcare facility.

Alleged Medical Negligence: A Father’s Distressing Claim

Upendra Singh, the father of young Ganesh, has raised grave concerns over the treatment provided by the doctors at the civil hospital, alleging that negligence on their part led to the drastic measure of amputating half of his son’s hand. According to Singh, after bringing Ganesh to the hospital for treatment, the doctor administered injections, a procedure that, instead of improving Ganesh’s condition, resulted in a deterioration of his health.

Singh further claims that the medical professionals asked for additional funds during the course of the treatment. The combination of alleged negligence and financial demands has left the family grappling with the distressing aftermath of the medical intervention.

The severity of the situation and the drastic measure of amputating a child’s hand underscore the need for a thorough investigation into the allegations made by Upendra Singh. Medical negligence cases, if proven true, have far-reaching consequences not only on the affected individual but also on the trust placed in healthcare institutions. The family’s pursuit of justice in the face of this challenging situation highlights the importance of accountability and transparency in the healthcare system.

Superintendent Initiates Investigation Following Alleged Medical Negligence

In response to the serious allegations raised by the family, the Superintendent of the Civil Hospital has taken decisive action, ordering an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the treatment of the child. The child in question was discharged earlier this morning.

Superintendent Dr. Ganesh Govekar confirmed awareness of the matter, expressing concern over the alleged negligence. Dr. Govekar revealed that the child had received treatment across three sections of the hospital and assured a thorough investigation into the events. To ensure impartiality, the inquiry is being conducted by three professors, and appropriate actions will be taken against those found responsible once the investigation is complete.

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