Heartbreaking Scene Unfolds: Mother Abandons Dying Child in Surat Civil Hospital, Family Flees Captured on CCTV

Abandoned Newborn in Surat Civil Hospital

A child born at Surat Civil Hospital was abandoned by the family, leading to the child’s stay at the hospital’s care. The child has been under the supervision of Civil Hospital staff for the past two months. Recently, the child has been shifted to the SNCU ward for further care. In an effort to locate the parents, the police are examining the CCTV footage from Surat Civil Hospital.

The child was born on October 30th, and Dr. Prafulbhai Bambhroliya, a doctor at Surat Civil Hospital, has filed a complaint against the parents at the Katodara Police Station. The newborn was initially born at the CHC center and later referred to Surat Civil Hospital for additional care.

Newborn Facing Breathing Difficulties Admitted to NICU

The newborn was experiencing difficulty in breathing, prompting doctors to transfer the baby to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for specialized care. Due to the delicate condition of the child, doctors had been providing continuous care, and on December 8th, they summoned the parents to update them on the baby’s condition.

Unfortunately, the parents have not been present at the hospital, and the hospital staff has been trying to locate them for the past four to five days. The parents of the newborn have not been reachable, raising concerns among the hospital staff.

Parents Unreachable Since December 8th; Newborn’s Whereabouts Unknown

Since December 8th, the parents of the newborn have neither shown up nor responded to calls made to their registered mobile numbers. The hospital staff has been attempting to contact them urgently regarding the well-being of their newborn, who has been under care at the Civil Hospital.

Despite numerous attempts, the parents have not made an appearance or provided any information about their newborn. Concerns have escalated as the parents seem to have intentionally concealed their identities and may have left the hospital with the newborn against medical advice.

In response to the situation, the hospital has filed a complaint with the Katodara police to locate and contact the parents. If you have any information or can assist in this matter, please come forward or contact the appropriate authorities immediately.

Provision of Milk from Milk Bank Continues for Infant at Civil Hospital

As per the medical recommendations, initially, the mother’s milk was provided to the infant whenever required. However, due to the mother’s illness, she was admitted to the Civil Hospital. Since then, the entire family has been missing. The newborn has been under the care of doctors in the SNCU ward for the last 15 days. The milk for the infant is being provided from the milk bank at Civil Hospital.

Investigations are underway:

The P.I. Dholiya of the Katodara Police Station has informed that a complaint was lodged at the Katodara Police Station. The police have initiated an investigation into the matter. Primarily, two men, along with the parents, left the hospital, abandoning the infant. The woman in question has been identified on the CCTV footage from the Civil Hospital. The investigation is ongoing, and further examinations are being conducted as part of the investigation process.

Parents of Abandoned Infant Traced to Maharashtra

It has been revealed that the parents who abandoned the infant are originally from Maharashtra. They are being investigated further, and it has been disclosed that the parents hail from a village in Maharashtra. The police are conducting additional inquiries in that region. Up until now, there was no information available, and the police are actively working to gather more details. An appeal has also been made to the public, urging anyone with information about a woman fitting this description to contact the police.

If you have any information related to this case or have noticed any woman with similar circumstances, please reach out to the local authorities or the police to assist in the ongoing investigation.

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