Surat Landlord Brutally Assaults Young Woman: Threatened with Knife, Beaten and Held Down

A young woman involved in event management in Surat was brutally beaten by her landlord and two or three other people. A video of the incident has also surfaced. The victim, a resident of Mumbai, has been living in Surat for a long time due to her work in event management. During a rent dispute, one person held the woman’s hands while the landlord cruelly grabbed her hair and punched her mercilessly.

Victim Accuses Landlord of Assault and Threats

The victim accused the landlord of assaulting her under the pretext of vacating the premises. Additionally, the landlord threatened to strip her publicly and record a video, showing a knife and threatening to kill her. The injured woman was taken to the civil hospital for treatment. Based on her complaint, the police have registered a case against three individuals and initiated further action.

Two Women Escaped from the House

According to the details received, the young woman, originally from Mumbai and involved in event management, has been working in Surat for a long time. Due to the overdue rent for the last two months, the landlord, along with three to four individuals, barged into the house. In the rent dispute, the landlord became so furious that he started beating the three women living there. Two women escaped in fear, while one fell into their hands.

Woman’s Hair Pulled and Beaten

One of the men accompanying the landlord held the woman’s hands while the landlord began to beat her ruthlessly by pulling her hair. He started hitting her with punches and slaps, pulling her hair in the process. The victim was also threatened with a knife, with a warning to kill her. The woman sustained injuries to her hands, legs, and head during the assault.

Victim Taken to Civil Hospital via 108 Ambulance

The woman was taken to the civil hospital in a 108 ambulance, where she received initial treatment. Following this, the women went to the Umra police station with their belongings, where they filed a written complaint demanding action against the landlord. The police first accepted their written complaint and later registered a case against three individuals.

Victim Unaware of Rent Payment Status

In this entire matter, the victim stated that she had no idea why she was being beaten. She repeatedly told them not to hit her, but they kept hitting her on the head, hands, and legs. She tried to defend herself by raising her hand against them. They were beaten over the rent issue, and she had no knowledge of whether the manager had paid the rent or not. False allegations were later made about their character. One of them came with a knife and said that if the rent was not paid, he would accuse them of theft. He also threatened to take them to the street, strip them, and make a video. They had no idea why they were being beaten.

Victim Provided Videos as Evidence: PI

Umra Police Station PI J.G. Patel stated that a complaint was filed by the woman. A case under IPC Section 323 for assault has been registered against three individuals. The woman also provided videos, which are currently under investigation.

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