Viral Video Reveals Political Bribery in Surat, Unveils Cash Bundles for Clearing Slums in WhatsApp Group

In the Ved Road extension near the district bridge in Surat, a controversy has been brewing over the clearance of slums in the Naseer Nagar locality since the last few days. Some active individuals, along with the builder’s support, were discussing the possibility of clearing the slums to make way for development. Amidst this, a video has surfaced depicting a political stir over offering money to slum dwellers in exchange for vacating the slums. The person who recorded the video intended to use it as evidence to prove that money was being offered to residents. The video inadvertently made its way to a WhatsApp group, exposing the entire controversy.

Viral Video of Offering Money to Slum Dwellers in Naseer Nagar Residential Area

Residents of Naseer Nagar in the housing complex are facing discussions about offering temptations to clear slums. The viral video shows Aiyub Patel, the current Congress Municipal Minister in the city, giving bundles of 80,000 rupees to several women one after the other. Behind them stands Zakir Shah, an ISM nominee active in the Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress, who has also held positions in local government in the past.

Political Fallout Over Money Offered in Viral Video

A video circulating on social media shows the builder giving money to affected individuals to clear slums in Naseer Nagar. The controversy involves political leaders from both the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress engaging in behind-the-scenes negotiations to convince people in the name of their respective communities. The Muslim community, which constitutes a significant portion of the population in Naseer Nagar, is witnessing internal disputes over allegations of exploitation.

Unveiling the Video That Offers Money in Political Campaigns

The video in which individuals affected by the clearance were offered money was intended to serve as evidence. Recording this incident led to revelations within the affected group. The video, featuring the exchange of money, was shared among residents and made its way to various groups in the city. The controversy escalated as both BJP and Congress supporters actively participated in the online political debate.

Unintentional Sharing of Video in Group Exposes the Whole Scandal

A person who had recorded the video to provide evidence of offering money to slum dwellers inadvertently shared it in a group where many people had access. The video spread through mobile phones and reached a wide audience in the city, creating a significant impact. The person who initially shared the video had not realized that it would reach such a large audience across the city.


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