Surat Spa Scandal Update: Allegations of Assault and Exploitation Surface in Shocking Twist

In a recent viral video, a woman employed at a spa located in Bhagyaratna Complex in Surat’s Pal area can be seen engaged in a heated dispute with the spa owner, Piyush Gandhi, over unpaid salary. The situation has taken a disconcerting turn as the victim, embroiled in this controversy, has now filed a molestation complaint against spa-owner Piyush Gandhi.

The complainant has officially lodged a formal complaint at the Pal police station, leveling serious allegations of sexual exploitation against Mr. Gandhi. The victim asserts that she was coerced into becoming a partner in the spa under false pretenses and lured into the prospect of marriage, only to be subjected to sexual misconduct.

Allegations of Exploitation: Mizoram Native, a Massage Therapist in Surat, Accuses Spa Manager of Deceptive Practices

In a developing case, a 27-year-old massage therapist originally hailing from Mizoram and presently residing in Surat, Ms. Pal, has found herself entangled in a controversial situation. Employed at People’s Wellness Spa and Massage Parlor situated in Bhagyaratna Complex on Gauravapath Road, Ms. Pal joined the establishment as a partner, following discussions initiated by Piyush Jatin Gandhi, the spa’s manager.

As per the narrative presented, a romantic entanglement ensued between Ms. Pal and Mr. Gandhi, who not only proposed the idea of making her a partner in the spa but also enticed her with the prospect of marriage. The situation took a concerning turn when, a few days before Diwali, Mr. Gandhi informed Ms. Pal of his intention to evaluate her massage skills.

These unfolding events form the basis of allegations raised by Ms. Pal, who contends that the actions of Mr. Gandhi were a ploy to exploit her under the pretext of professional evaluation. The incident has prompted Ms. Pal to file a formal complaint, asserting that she was deceived into a partnership, lured into a romantic relationship, and subsequently subjected to manipulative tactics.

Disturbing Allegations Emerge in Surat Spa Case: Accusations of Sexual Assault and Coercion

In a deeply troubling turn of events, allegations of sexual assault and coercion have emerged in the ongoing case involving Piyush Jatin Gandhi, the manager of People’s Wellness Spa and Massage Parlor in Surat. According to the formal complaint lodged by the victim, a 27-year-old massage therapist originally from Mizoram, Mr. Gandhi purportedly abused his position of authority.

The complainant contends that under the guise of a massage evaluation, Mr. Gandhi summoned her into the Lotus room of People’s Wellness Spa and perpetrated a sexual assault during the purported examination. Following this harrowing incident, he allegedly issued an ultimatum, stating that if she desired employment in Surat, she must comply with his demands. Moreover, he purportedly pressured her to marry him, promising to divorce his current wife and ensure a prominent status for her as his “queen.”

Legal Action Unfolds in Surat Spa Case: Rape and Intimidation Charges Filed Against Spa Manager

In a significant development within the Surat spa controversy, the victim, a 27-year-old massage therapist from Mizoram, has taken legal recourse by filing a case against Piyush Jatin Gandhi, the manager of People’s Wellness Spa and Massage Parlor. The complaint, submitted to the Pal police station, alleges charges of rape and intimidation against Mr. Gandhi.

Spa Manager Piyush Gandhi Faces Backlash After Altercation Over Salary Dispute

In a recent escalation of tensions, an incident unfolded at the bustling People’s Wellness Spa in Bhagyaratna Complex, near Nishal Circle at Pal, involving Piyush Gandhi, the spa’s owner, and a female employee. Approximately 10 days ago, the employee, who originally hails from Mizoram, approached Mr. Gandhi to request payment for her 15 days of work.

The encounter took a tumultuous turn, resulting in a heated dispute over the unresolved salary matter. A visibly agitated Mr. Gandhi engaged in a confrontation with the employee, and the situation escalated to the point where he physically assaulted her. The video capturing this distressing incident subsequently went viral on social media platforms.

Spa Owner Piyush Gandhi Arrested Initially for Assault, Now Faces Additional Rape Charges

In a series of unfolding legal developments, Piyush Gandhi, the owner of a spa in Pal, initially faced legal action and arrest by the police following a complaint lodged by a female employee. The employee had reported an altercation with Mr. Gandhi, citing physical assault during a dispute over unpaid salary. The police took prompt action, apprehending Mr. Gandhi based on the assault allegations.

Subsequently, in a surprising turn of events, the same female employee has filed an additional complaint against Mr. Gandhi, this time alleging rape. The new complaint, filed with the Pal police, has led to renewed legal proceedings against the spa owner.


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