Surat Tragedy Unveiled: 17-Year-Old Plunges to Death, Family Donates Son’s Eyes in Heartfelt Gesture

A son studying in the 12th grade in Surat’s Nandanvan Apartment, residing on the 10th floor, jumped off from the terrace. The family had recently moved from Nasik to Surat, and after the incident, the authorities are conducting a thorough investigation. The family is devastated by the loss of their son.

The Happy Garodia Family’s Visit to Surat

Khushal Ganeshbhai Garodia, a 17-year-old studying in the 12th grade from the original Rajasthan-based Garodia family, was happily living with his parents and elder brother. The family visited Nasik due to his sister’s wedding and came back to Surat. They were joyfully celebrating in the midst of wedding preparations when the tragedy struck on the night of December 5th.

Recent Developments in Lohiluhana

Khushal Lohiluhana, a teenager with a promising future, was found dead under the ground floor of a tall building around 11 PM. The family was peacefully resting when they were informed about the incident by their neighbors. The police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding Khushal’s fall from the building.

Family Informed about the Incident with Boom Boom Sounds

Around 11 PM, the Lohiluhana family, who were resting in their home, received news of the incident with loud sounds. The parents were unaware of the tragedy until the neighbors informed them. Running to the spot, they found Khushal lying on the ground floor.

Family Displays Humanity by Donating Eyes

Upon seeing their son lying in the Khabochiya, the father of Lohiluhana suffered a shock. Later, they took the injured Khushal to a nearby hospital for treatment, but unfortunately, the doctors declared him dead. After Khushal’s death, the police are conducting a post-mortem examination. The family, in a display of humanity, has decided to donate Khushal’s eyes.


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