One-Year-Old’s Severed Arm Reattached in Vesu Lift Mishap Surgery

In Surat’s Vesu area, a newly constructed residential building witnessed a grave incident involving a child working as a laborer. In the course of carrying a child along with her in an elevator while wrapped in clothes, the child’s hand got caught in the elevator’s motor during the operation. The incident occurred when the mother was transporting the child, and as the elevator started, the child’s hand got stuck when the clothes were caught in the motor. The child was immediately taken to the hospital for prompt medical care, where doctors reconnected the hand with a surgical procedure.

Hand Stuck in Elevator Leads to Immediate Hospitalization

According to available information, the mother had wrapped her one-year-old son in clothes and was using the elevator to reach their apartment. Unfortunately, the clothes got entangled in the elevator motor during its operation. As a result, the child’s hand got trapped when the clothes were caught in the motor. The incident led to the child being immediately taken to the hospital for medical attention. The doctor successfully reconnected the child’s hand after a prompt examination.

Hospitalized with Disconnected Hand

A one-year-old child, Prince Mukesh Rawat, had his hand trapped in the elevator motor, resulting in the hand being disconnected from the body. The child was immediately taken to the Civil Hospital, where the hospital staff was shocked to see the disconnected hand wrapped in clothes. A surgical team performed an immediate medical examination and decided to conduct surgery to reconnect the child’s hand.

Critical Surgical Procedure and Reconnection of Hand

According to Dr. Nilesh Kachadiya of Civil Hospital, the surgery on the child was highly critical, taking approximately three hours. The immediate circulation of blood in the hand has started, and the child’s recovery will be closely monitored. The doctor emphasized that the next 48 to 72 hours are crucial, and if the circulation remains stable, further surgery may be required.

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