Tragic Surat Homicide: Youth Stabbed Over Rs 1500 – Killer Flees, Apprehended by Police

In the Pandesara area of Surat, a distressing incident unfolded as a youth lost his life in the pursuit of a nominal sum. Shockingly, a disagreement over a mere 1500 rupees resulted in a fatal confrontation, with one friend reportedly causing the demise of another using a paddle. Swiftly responding to the distress call, law enforcement promptly arrived at the scene.

The accused, having perpetrated the act, attempted to flee the scene with a blood-stained paddle in hand. However, vigilant traffic police intercepted and detained the suspect, initiating an immediate interrogation. Subsequent to the preliminary questioning, the police have taken the alleged perpetrator into custody, and further legal actions are now underway.

Dead youth

Tragic Homicide Unfolds in Pandesara, Surat: Dispute Over Money Leads to Fatal Stabbing

In a grim turn of events, a murder case has surfaced in the Pandesara area of Surat, shedding light on a distressing incident. The victim, identified as 33-year-old Ashish, also known as Tikar Pande Pandesara, was standing in Ishwar Nagar Society near Kailash Chowkdi when the accused, Kalikaprasad alias Karan Jitnarayan Tiwari, approached him. The altercation, stemming from a monetary dispute that had transpired a few days prior, escalated, culminating in a fatal stabbing with a paddle.

The murder incident caused considerable confusion in the vicinity. Law enforcement swiftly responded to the situation, dispatching a police convoy to the scene. The injured Ashish was promptly transported to the hospital for medical attention with the assistance of emergency services (108). Unfortunately, the attending doctor declared him brought dead upon arrival.

A friend struck with a paddle

Fleeing Suspect Apprehended by Police After Fatal Stabbing in Pandesara

Following the brutal assault with a paddle that led to the tragic demise of Ashish in Pandesara, the accused, Karan Jitnarayan Tiwari, attempted to evade capture. After delivering the fatal blow, Tiwari fled the scene, brandishing a knife in his hand. Heading towards Kailash Nagar Char Road, a police team promptly initiated pursuit in an effort to apprehend the fleeing suspect.

During the chase, observant traffic police personnel stationed at Kailash Nagar Char Rasta intercepted the accused, who was visibly carrying a bloodied paddle. Acting swiftly, they detained Tiwari and initiated an immediate inquiry. As the situation unfolded, the police PCR van reached the location, facilitating the prompt transfer of the accused into police custody.

ACP Z Provides Insights into Fatal Pandesara Incident: Monetary Dispute Leads to Tragic Stabbing

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Z, R. Desai, has shed light on the incident in Pandesara, stating that the accused, Kalikaprasad alias Karan, grew agitated when the deceased, Ashish, refused to fulfill a monetary obligation. Desai explained that Ashish and Kalikaprasad shared a history of friendship, with the latter having to recover a sum of 1500 rupees from the former.

Despite repeated requests for the owed amount, Ashish did not comply, leading to escalating tensions. Kalikaprasad eventually left Surat. However, yesterday, he resumed his search for the outstanding money. Spotting Ashish near the gate of Ishwar Nagar in the evening, Kalikaprasad confronted him once again, seeking the repayment. When Ashish declined to provide the money, Kalikaprasad resorted to violence, stabbing him with a paddle, resulting in Ashish’s tragic demise.

Legal repercussions have swiftly followed this shocking incident, with authorities taking immediate action against the accused. As investigations unfold, the details provided by ACP Z underscore the underlying tensions that culminated in this unfortunate event, emphasizing the critical need for peaceful conflict resolution within communities. The legal process will continue to unravel the circumstances surrounding the incident, aiming to deliver justice in this distressing case.


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