Tragic Incident in America: Officer Shoots 13-Year-Old Boy Mistaking Fake Gun for Real; Full Story Inside

In America, the name of gun violence continues unabated. Recently, a case has surfaced where a police officer in New York shot at a 13-year-old child. It is reported that the child showed something resembling a handgun to evade the police. 

Police stated that approximately 240 miles (400 kilometers) away from Manhattan, officers from the Utica Police stopped two youths during a robbery investigation at 10 pm.

Officers Fire at 13-Year-Old Suspects in Robbery Investigation

Police reported that the appearances of both 13-year-old youths matched the suspects involved in a robbery. One individual was walking down the street while the other fled, reportedly brandishing a handgun towards the police. In response, believing the handgun to be real, the police fired a shot at the child’s chest.

Misidentification Leads to Tragic Shooting of Child Holding Replica Gun

Police initially mistook a replica of a Glock 17 Gen5 handgun, which the child was holding, for a real handgun. During the altercation between the police and the child, an officer fired a shot that struck the child in the chest. 

Immediately after the incident, the child was rushed to the hospital for urgent medical treatment by ambulance, but unfortunately, he passed away from the gunshot wound.

Video Evidence Contradicts Initial Perception in Police Shooting Case

The handgun held by the child closely resembled a real firearm, featuring GLOCK markings, signatures, detachable magazine, and serial numbers. 

Meanwhile, the other child was later apprehended from behind a police vehicle and was not involved in the shooting. The entire incident was recorded on video, contradicting initial perceptions.

Investigation Underway into Officer Patrick Husney’s Shooting Incident

Officer Patrick Husney, an experienced veteran with six years at the agency, fired the shot in question. The police department is currently conducting an investigation into this case. They are also working to determine whether the officers followed policies and training protocols. 

Simultaneously, the State Attorney General’s office will scrutinize the facts to establish whether the police’s use of force in this shooting incident was justified.

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