Trishulia Ghat Accident: Luxury Bus Overturns After Ambaji Darshan, 30+ Injured, Hospital Transfers

Danta taluka, situated in Banaskantha district, is characterized by predominantly hilly and steep terrain, contributing to a heightened risk of accidents. The Trishulia Ghat, a crucial passage connecting Ambaji and Danta, has unfortunately become a hotspot for accidents involving trucks, buses, and cars, resulting in numerous casualties.

The challenging topography of the region has posed persistent safety concerns, and today’s incident involving a private bus further underscores the urgency of addressing these issues. The occurrence of accidents on this route has become a recurrent challenge, necessitating a comprehensive examination of the factors contributing to the heightened risk.

Unfortunate Overturning Incident Involving Pilgrims’ Bus Near Danta: Over 30 Injured After Ambaji Visit

In a regrettable incident today, a private bus carrying pilgrims en route to Modhera after visiting Ambaji overturned at Trishulia Ghat, situated between Ambaji and Danta. The bus, which had been on a 20-day journey, faced this unfortunate accident near Danta during its onward journey to Modhera.

The passengers aboard the bus hailed from Jamnagar, Morbi, and Rajkot, marking a diverse group of travelers on a pilgrimage. The luxury bus, accommodating more than 50 passengers, met with the accident, resulting in injuries to over 30 pilgrims.

Swift Response and Rescue Efforts Unfold as Private Bus Incident Unfolds Near Danta

In response to the unfortunate accident involving a private bus traveling from Ambaji to Modhera at Trishulia Ghat between Ambaji and Danta, a rapid and coordinated effort was initiated by local authorities. A police convoy swiftly arrived at the scene, accompanied by firefighters and the 108 emergency response team.

Upon reaching the accident site, the injured were promptly attended to and subsequently transported to Danta Civil Hospital for immediate medical treatment. The 108 emergency services played a crucial role in facilitating the swift transfer of the injured individuals.


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