Fierce Fire Engulfs Two Companies in Vadodara’s Anand Industrial Estate, Heavy Losses Feared

On the Dabhoi Road in the city, a fire broke out in the office of Anand Industrial Estate and the security service office in Alkapuri. The fire brigade was called, and the personnel, equipped with oxygen masks, worked diligently to control the fire, preventing any casualties. Despite significant damage to the structure, no lives were lost, and the firefighters successfully contained the blaze.

Various Companies in the Estate Affected

Anand Industrial Estate, situated near the Yamuna Mill on Dabhoi Road, houses diverse companies producing a range of goods. One incident involved a severe fire in Krishna Good Decor, leading to the spread of flames to nearby sheds. Quick response from the fire brigades of Baroda and Panigate helped in extinguishing the fire and preventing further damage.

Swift Response in the Morning Fire

A fire broke out in the early morning, prompting the rapid deployment of fire brigades from Dandiya Bazaar, Makarpura GIDC, and Panigate Fire Brigades. Approximately 30 personnel were engaged in controlling the fire, and with coordinated efforts, they managed to control the blaze at Krishna Good Decor and the adjacent Blue Shade Company.

Fire Control Efforts and Impact on Power Supply

The fire brigade reported that around 30 employees were actively involved in controlling the fire on Dabhoi Road. Despite their efforts, the incident caused substantial damage to the companies in the estate. As a precautionary measure, the electricity supply to the estate was temporarily cut off. The police force also arrived to maintain order and ensure the safety of the area.

Security Agency Witnesses the Inferno

In the Sterling Center located at 201, Alkapuri, the Detective and Security Service office observed the fire. Shalesh Nayar, the agency’s director, quickly reached the scene after learning about the fire. Though no casualties were reported, the incident prompted a brief panic among the managers of other companies in the estate. The security agency coordinated with the fire brigade to ensure a safe evacuation.

Furniture Consumed by Flames

During the incident, Shalesh Nayar joined the fire brigade in their efforts to control the fire. Oxygen masks were essential for the firefighters working to save the office from the raging flames. While there were no casualties, the furniture, along with computers in the office, was consumed by the fire.

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