Baba’s Game Ends: MP’s Divine Court in Vadodara Couldn’t Reveal Devotee’s Name, Sparks Scuffle: VIRAL VIDEO

In a recent event organized at a farm near Sevasi, Vadodara, on the 17th and 18th of February, the divine court of Shri Siddhesvardham Sarkar (Satna) by Adarsh Krishna Shastri was convened. During the culmination ceremony of the divine court, a person arrived at the court and challenged Shastri by sitting in front of him, demanding to reveal his own and his father’s names. However, Shastri outright refused to disclose the names, prompting the necessity to reveal another person’s document from the court for verification purposes. 

A video capturing the intense verbal exchange between Shastri and the challenger regarding the boundaries of truth and secrecy has gone viral on social media, igniting widespread discussion and speculation.

Five Minutes of Intense Debate: Vadodara’s Divine Court Faces Turmoil

The divine court in Vadodara faced a tumultuous situation when Adarsh Krishna Shastri, known for his successful endeavors, encountered a setback. During the proceedings, a young man engaged in the woodworking business in Vadodara boldly questioned Shastri about revealing his and his father’s names. This led to an intense exchange between Shastri and the young man, lasting for nearly five minutes. The video capturing this heated debate swiftly went viral on social media platforms, stirring conversations and intrigue among the public.

Baba was angry when the young man insisted on telling his name

Confrontation at the Divine Court: Unveiling Truth Amidst Tension

I ventured into the precincts of the divine court, where Adarsh Krishna Shastri’s integrity was put to the test. A young man from Vadodara revealed that he had been heading home via Ankhodiya when he noticed the divine court’s board along the way. Curious, he decided to approach and demand Shastri to disclose his and his father’s names. However, Shastri couldn’t reveal the names, and subsequently, he left the court. 

Later, Shastri summoned me back to the tent, where the court was assembled with attendees discussing the possibility of extracting information from challengers. I was advised to watch their videos on YouTube. I challenged the questioner by rubbing my nose, asserting that I wouldn’t watch any videos. I sat before you, stating that I would acknowledge and rub my nose if I revealed my and my father’s names. However, Shastri, engaged in woodworking, couldn’t divulge the names.

A heated argument took place between the two

Interrogation and Consequences: Challenges Faced by Shastri in the Divine Court

During a session at the divine court, it was revealed that a gentleman had brought his daughter to question. He mentioned that if he had to visit the court 21 times, his daughter’s issue would be resolved. The devout individual remained silent in front of Shastri and kept nodding affirmatively. If a person visits Shastri’s abode in Madhya Pradesh 21 times, it is believed that their financial issues will be resolved. This Shastri is misleading people and deviating them from the right path.

A heated argument took place between the two

BJP Leaders Organize Event in Vadodara

In a collaborative effort led by Dr. Hiten Patel, former chairman of the Vadodara Corporation’s Standing Committee, and supported by Nileshkumar Solanki and Ravikumar Solanki of the Jiya Foundation, an event was organized at the divine court in Vadodara. With substantial financial support, organizers adorned the city with billboards and hoardings to ensure the success of the divine court’s event, which was organized to bolster the presence of BJP leaders in Vadodara.

At one point the young man stood up and left but the people made him sit back

Endeavoring to Establish Recognition

Adarsh Krishna Shastri, with claims of Hanumanji’s blessings, is striving to establish recognition by creating awareness among the public through leaflets and questioning sessions. His aides are organizing divine court events in various cities as part of their effort to enhance his recognition. Adarsh Krishna Shastri is a young figure, often seen holding a small mace in his hand as he chants “Jai Siya Ram.” 

A black mark adorns the bridge of his nose. Many people from Vadodara and beyond have attended his divine court events, and videos of his meticulous care for the masses are becoming viral sensations.

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