Police Rescues 5 Girls from Brothel in Vadodara’s Sunrise Tower: Extortion and Prostitution Unveiled

In a recent development within Vadodara city, law enforcement authorities seized yet another illicit establishment in the Waghodia Road area. This operation unfolded in a flat situated in Sunrise Tower, where a woman was found to be operating a prostitution business involving five girls. The Vadodara police promptly intervened, resulting in the rescue of the five girls, the arrest of one individual, and the declaration of the female manager as a wanted fugitive. The establishment was found to be charging customers between 1200 to 1500 rupees for their services.

AHTU Rescues Trafficked Girls, Disrupts Sex Trade Operation in Vadodara

In a proactive operation carried out by the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) on Waghodia Road in Vadodara, a criminal gang has been apprehended, and five young girls have been successfully rescued from the clutches of the sex trade. The vigilant Vadodara AHTU, led by Police Inspector Dr. BB Patel and his dedicated team, was conducting routine patrols when they received critical information regarding the illicit activities taking place in the area.

The information revealed that Chandrikaben, also known as Rita Babubhai Shah, and residing in Flat No. 101 of Sunrise Tower, located near Vaikunth Char Rasta on Waghodia Road, Vadodara, had been luring vulnerable girls from outside the city to exploit them for her financial gain. These girls were subsequently confined to her flat, where they were forced into the illicit trade, catering to willing clients. Chandrikaben had been charging a fee ranging from Rs 1200 to Rs 1500 per girl for these services.

A person was arrested.

Arrest Made, One Suspect at Large: AHTU Rescues Five Victims from Illegal Operation

Acting on critical information, the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) conducted a successful operation that led to the rescue of five female victims from an illicit establishment. All the victims were subsequently freed from the location of the raid. In response to these events, a comprehensive search operation is currently underway to locate and apprehend Chandrikaben, also known as Rita Babubhai Shah, a resident of Flat No. 101, Sunrise Tower, Vaikunth Char Rasta, near Wadhodia Road in Vadodara, who was orchestrating a prostitution enterprise at this site.

During the operation, Smitkumar Satishkumar Darjee, a resident of Darji Paliu, located behind the Halol Police Station in the Panchmahal district, was apprehended at the scene. In light of the situation, a formal complaint has been lodged against him under The Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act, along with charges under IPC Sections 114 and 188, at the Panigat police station.

Rescue Operation

Statewide Crackdown on Illicit Activities: Operation Spa Targets Over 60 Establishments

In a concerted effort to curb illegal activities operating under the guise of spas, the state government, under the directives of the State Home Minister, has launched “Operation Spa.” This ongoing initiative has spanned across the state, including Vadodara, and has been instrumental in targeting establishments that have raised concerns about illicit activities.

Vadodara city police have been at the forefront of this operation, tirelessly working to uncover and take action against activities that range from prostitution masquerading as spa services to the trafficking of girls for financial gains within residential areas. In the past week alone, over 60 spas have been subjected to raids and thorough inspections by the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU).

As a result of these operations, more than ten spa managers have faced legal consequences, with criminal cases being registered against them. These actions reflect the unwavering commitment of law enforcement agencies to maintain law and order and protect the rights and dignity of all individuals within the state.

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