OMR Sheet Mix-up in Vadodara Water Department MPHW Exam Sparks Controversy: Candidates Demand Fairness

Controversy Surrounds Health Department Exam in Vadodara

Today, the Health Department of the Vadodara Municipal Corporation conducted examinations at various locations across the city. Meanwhile, at Nalanda International School in Chhota Udepur, the MPHW exam saw a turn of events. Out of 158 candidates who appeared for the exam, they were initially denied the opportunity due to changes in the OMR sheets.

After the altercation and the subsequent distribution of corrected OMR sheets, 15 to 20 questions were reported to have been changed. Consequently, several candidates expressed dissatisfaction with the situation, refusing to participate in the exam.

Gautam, a candidate from Bhavnagar who had traveled overnight to Vadodara for the exam, shared his grievances, stating that he and his parents had put in considerable effort and resources for the examination. However, due to the discrepancies in the OMR sheets, they refused to take the exam. He urged the Municipal Commissioner of Vadodara to cancel today’s exam and conduct a fair re-examination for all affected candidates to avoid further injustice.

Officials Should Be Held Accountable

It was reported today that candidates from Rajkot, who came to Vadodara to take the MPHW exam, faced a chaotic situation due to the negligence of authorities. The recruitment process for MPHW had been suspended eight months ago by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation, and the exam, which was scheduled today, witnessed irregularities at Nalanda International School.

Allegedly, there were discrepancies in the OMR sheets, with some candidates receiving sheets that were already filled out. To address the concerns raised by candidates, the authorities admitted their mistake and acknowledged the need for strict action against those responsible. Some candidates are now calling for the cancellation of the entire exam process and a fair re-examination to be conducted.

Confusion Among Candidates in Unit-2 Exam

Deputy Municipal Commissioner Hasmukh Prajapati stated that the entire incident has caused confusion among the candidates. There were 158 candidates in Unit-2. Whether the exam will be conducted again or not will be decided by the Corporation.

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