VMC Employee Scammed with $3,00,000 in Courier Fraud: Falls Victim to Deceptive USA Courier Service, Empty Bank Accounts Post $5 Transaction

Rakesh Bhogilal Modi, working as a pharmacist in the health department of Vadodara’s Gorwa expansion and Vadodara Municipal Corporation, fell victim to a scam while trying to courier to the USA. With the assistance of an online toll-free number, he eventually became entangled in a financial fraud exceeding three lakh rupees. Subsequently, he reported the incident to the cybercrime police.

Fraudulent Transaction of Rs. 5 for Booking:

Later, when attempting to make an online UPI transaction for booking, he encountered difficulties. It was reported that Rs. 5 online UPI transaction failed to go through. Rakesh Bhogilal Modi then reached out to Blue Dart Courier via WhatsApp, providing details about the failed transaction and the additional Rs. 700 courier charge.

Complaint Filed After No Response to UPI Transaction Block:

Afterward, on December 8, Rakesh Bhogilal Modi went to Bahargam for a family event. During this period, the bank inquired if he was conducting a UPI transaction. He was informed that his UPI ID had been blocked. Although he was instructed to block the UPI ID immediately, Rakesh continued with transactions, leading to a loss of Rs. 3,00,699.

Police Investigation Based on the Complaint:

As a result of being unable to retrieve the lost money, he approached the local police station on December 12 and filed a complaint. However, the police did not succeed in recovering the funds, prompting Rakesh Bhogilal Modi to file a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police in Vadodara on December 19. The Cyber Crime Police are now conducting a thorough investigation based on his complaint.

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