Wow! Momo’s ‘Wow! Bahon’ Campaign Honours Everyday Heroes this Durga Puja

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Wow! Momo, Wow! China, and Wow! Chicken redefine the essence of bahons in our lives.

The “Wow! Bahon” Campaign bridges divine and human Bahons, celebrating their vital roles.

Honoring unsung heroes and contributing to the grandeur of Kolkatas festivities.

In a heartwarming and purpose-driven tribute to the unsung heroes of Durga Puja, Wow! Momo, Wow! China, and Wow! Chicken have collectively embarked on a profound journey to redefine the intricate significance of bahons within our daily existence, “Wow! Bahon” (“Bahon” refers to divine mounts or vehicles used by gods and goddesses in Hindu mythology.) This initiative celebrates the Bahons of our everyday lives – the dedicated individuals who tirelessly transport us, whether its our delivery personnel, rickshaw pullers, or drivers. “Wow! Bahon” creatively bridges the divine and the mundane, recognizing the godly bahons that carry our deities during festivities and the earthly bahons who carry us through our daily routines.

Wow! Momos Wow! Bahon Campaign Honours Everyday Heroes this Durga Puja

In Hindu mythology, the gods and goddesses have their divine bahons or vehicles – Durga Ma rides upon a Lion, Lord Ganesha on a Mouse, Lord Kartik on a Peacock, Devi Lakshmi on an Owl, and Devi Saraswati on a Swan. These divine bahons symbolize the connection between the divine and the mortal realm. Similarly, the Wow! Bahon campaign brings to light the remarkable connection between our everyday heroes and the deities they serve.

The “Wow! Bahon” campaign intertwines these two worlds seamlessly, highlighting the parallel between the divine and the human bahons. As the campaign unfolds, it beautifully showcases how our everyday Bahons are as vital to our lives as the divine bahons are to the gods and goddesses.

Muralikrishnan, the CMO and Co-founder of Wow! Momo Foods Pvt. Ltd., expressed his thoughts on the campaign, saying, “The Wow! Bahon campaign harmoniously unites the divine and the everyday, exalting those who exemplify the utmost dedication to service in our contemporary society.

These unsung heroes, including the devoted food delivery personnel, alongside the unwavering cab drivers, rickshaw operators, auto-rickshaw drivers, and bus drivers, exemplify the pinnacle of service.

Much like the divine Bahons of Hindu mythology that carry gods and goddesses, these individuals elevate the quality of our lives, ensuring seamless daily functioning. Their unwavering commitment to service is a testament to the noblest of human endeavors, deserving our utmost admiration and gratitude. This campaign reveres this exquisite parallel and extols the profound importance of acknowledging and honoring those who embody the good in our communities.

Kanchan Datta, the Founder & CEO of Inner Circle Advertising India Pvt. Ltd., the creative mastermind behind the campaign, added, “At Inner Circle Advertising, we realised that there existed a whole community of unsung heroes on whose shoulders rested the entire ecosystem of this 4-day extravaganza.

From rented car drivers to delivery boys to sales promoters to hand drawn rickshaw pullers, there existed thousands of people who strove tirelessly day and night to make our lives comfortable.

Without them, there would be no pujo. So, we made them the central part of our brand narrative, celebrating them and likening them to the immoral animals on whom Durga and the family make their journey to our mortal realm.”

This campaign creatively encapsulates the spirit of Durga Puja while acknowledging the invaluable role that Bahons play in both our daily lives and during the festivities. Kolkatas Durga Pujo is celebrated with grandeur and has been recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. This campaign aims to highlight the economic and cultural significance of the festival while paying tribute to those who help make it all possible.

In addition to this heartfelt campaign, a series of activities have been undertaken to extend the recognition and appreciation for our Bahons. Five beautifully crafted statics have been released, creating a sense of anticipation for the master film of the campaign. Additionally, five motion graphic short films are set to follow the master films, released from Sashti to Dashami, further weaving the narrative of the Wow! Bahon campaign into the fabric of the festivities.

Furthermore, Wow! Momo, Wow! China, and Wow! Chicken are undertaking an exceptional pan-India on the ground activity. We will give away food to 50,000+ Bahons, including drivers, food delivery personnel, and Puja volunteers of Durga Puja and Navratri. This initiative not only recognizes their dedication but also integrates the spirit of sharing and gratitude during the festive season.

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During this festive season, “Wow! Bahon” reminds us to appreciate and recognize the Bahons of our lives. Just as the divine bahons are revered for their service, so should our everyday heroes be celebrated. Small acts of kindness and gratitude can have a profound impact on those who work tirelessly to ensure our lives and celebrations run smoothly.

Join Wow! Momo, Wow! Chicken, and Wow! China is celebrating the unsung heroes of Durga Puja this year, recognizing the divine connection between the godly bahons and the everyday Bahons. Share in the joy, and remember to extend your gratitude to those who carry you through life. #Wow-Bahon

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